Caching_Strategies_T.h File Reference

#include "ace/config-all.h"
#include "ace/Caching_Utility_T.h"
#include "ace/Caching_Strategies_T.inl"
#include "ace/Caching_Strategies_T.cpp"

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class  ACE_Caching_Strategy
 This class is an abstract base class for a caching strategy. More...

class  ACE_Caching_Strategy_Adapter
 This class follows the Adaptor pattern and is used to provide External Polymorphism by deriving from ACE_Caching_Strategy. More...

class  ACE_LRU_Caching_Strategy
 Defines a Least Recently Used strategy which will decide on the item to be removed from the cache. More...

class  ACE_LFU_Caching_Strategy
 Defines a Least Frequently Used strategy for which will decide on the item to be removed from the cache. More...

class  ACE_FIFO_Caching_Strategy
 The First In First Out strategy is implemented wherein each item is ordered. More...

class  ACE_Null_Caching_Strategy
 The is a special caching strategy which doesnt have the purging feature. More...


#define ACE_Caching_Strategy   ACS
#define ACE_Caching_Strategy_Adapter   ACSA
#define ACE_LRU_Caching_Strategy   ALRU
#define ACE_LFU_Caching_Strategy   ALFU
#define ACE_FIFO_Caching_Strategy   AFIFO
#define ACE_Null_Caching_Strategy   ANULL

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Kirthika Parameswaran <>

Definition in file Caching_Strategies_T.h.

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#define ACE_Caching_Strategy   ACS

Definition at line 30 of file Caching_Strategies_T.h.

#define ACE_Caching_Strategy_Adapter   ACSA

Definition at line 95 of file Caching_Strategies_T.h.

#define ACE_FIFO_Caching_Strategy   AFIFO

Definition at line 372 of file Caching_Strategies_T.h.

#define ACE_LFU_Caching_Strategy   ALFU

Definition at line 277 of file Caching_Strategies_T.h.

#define ACE_LRU_Caching_Strategy   ALRU

Definition at line 177 of file Caching_Strategies_T.h.

#define ACE_Null_Caching_Strategy   ANULL

Definition at line 467 of file Caching_Strategies_T.h.

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