CDR_Stream.cpp File Reference

#include "ace/CDR_Stream.h"
#include "ace/SString.h"

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ACE_CDR::Boolean operator<< (ACE_OutputCDR &os, const ACE_CString &x)
ACE_CDR::Boolean operator>> (ACE_InputCDR &is, ACE_CString &x)

Function Documentation

ACE_CDR::Boolean operator<< ACE_OutputCDR os,
const ACE_CString x

Definition at line 1703 of file CDR_Stream.cpp.

01704 {
01705   os.write_string (x);
01706   return os.good_bit ();
01707 }

ACE_CDR::Boolean operator>> ACE_InputCDR is,
ACE_CString x

Definition at line 1710 of file CDR_Stream.cpp.

01711 {
01712   is.read_string (x);
01713   return is.good_bit ();
01714 }

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