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VLA Expansion Project

EVLA Planning Workshop:
Defining the Second Phase


Background Material

in progress This is a work-in-progress, with more links (as well as original material) being added daily. If you would like to contribute something, or would like to suggest some links and/or documents that would be useful to have but aren't here yet, please send e-mail to mrupen@nrao.edu .

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General EVLA Documents

New Mexico Array

Configuration Issues

Number and location of NMA stations.

The Nature of the Stations

Size of dishes, beam-forming arrays, frequency coverage needed, etc.

VLBA Integration

Possible connections to the VLBA.

E Configuration

Low Frequencies (300-1000 MHz)

The EVLA in Context: Other Radio Initiatives

Green Bank Telescope



Allen Telescope Array


Square Kilometre Array


Possible paths to the future.

Last modified 22 August 2002