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Radio Astronomy and the Interstellar Medium

A Science Symposium Honoring the Accomplishments and Career of Miller Goss

May 18 – 20, 2011
Durango, Colorado

Photos of Millerfest! (Thanks to Peter Teuben)

More Photos of Millerfest! (Thanks to Rick Forster)

Talks & Presentations

The Miller Book

This symposium highlights current progress and unanswered questions in the many and diverse fields of astrophysics to which Miller Goss has contributed. This science symposium includes presentations on puzzles and new results in the interstellar medium (galactic and extragalactic), star formation, the Galactic Center, transient sources (e.g., pulsars, GRBs, supernovae), and the history of radio astronomy.

Miller Goss has been using and developing radio astronomy techniques for more than 40 years to explore and improve our understanding of the interstellar medium in our Galaxy and others. His research has included significant contributions to our knowledge of the the Galactic Center and energetic phenomena including pulsars, supernovae and GRBs. Most recently, Miller has become actively involved in exploring the history of early radio astronomy.

Organizing Committee:

Lori Appel (NRAO)
Laura Chomiuk (CfA and NRAO; co-chair)
Jacqueline van Gorkom (Columbia U.; co-chair)
Emmanuel Momjian (NRAO)
Pat Palmer (U. Chicago)
Luis Rodriguez (UNAM)
Woodruff T. Sullivan III (U. Washington)
Bevin Ashley Zauderer (CfA)