What is it? What can it do?

When I returned to school from the summer break, I found a large package sitting on my desk. It was addressed to:

Curious Student
Estancia High School
Estancia, NM

There was no return address. I asked everyone in the office if they had any ideas who sent it and why did it end up on my desk. No one knew who sent it but it was put on my desk because they knew that I had students that were great problem solvers.

I opened the box and this is what I found.

You and a partner are to determine what this object is and what it can do. It may take you sometime to figure this out. I will leave the object out for a while. In order to share our ideas and work collaboratively to figure this mystery out, you will complete the What is it worksheet.


Your investigative skills will be evaluated according to the What Is It Rubric.

As part of the assignment, you will describe a project that involves the use of this object.