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Public Workstation Rules


  1. Andy Murtland is responsible for booking all public workstation reservations at the AOC and enabling aips numbers on the workstations.  Workstation booking requests by AOC staff should be emailed to the Workstation Booking System. If Andy is absent from the AOC, contact Help Desk.
  2. Order of priority for reservations:
    1. Visitors with current observations
    2. Visitors processing previous observations
    3. Students and staff without workstations
    4. Staff

  3. There are ten Dell Precision Dual Processor Linux workstations and one Sun Sparc Ultra 10 machine assigned in the AOC as public workstations.  AOC Visitors should make reservations at least two weeks in advance to be assured a workstation.  Requests should be submitted on the Visitor Reservation Form. The Reservation Calendar lists current AOC public workstation reservations, including secondary users (remote users).

  4. Users need to copy data on disk to another medium at the end of their reservation.  If there is a problem in backing up data or transferring files, please notify Andy Murtland.  Otherwise, all files and directories will promptly be cleaned off disk at the end of any user's reservation.
  5. Ad-hoc sign-ups for vacant times or switching reserved workstations must be cleared through Andy Murtland.  In his absence, it must be cleared through the help desk.
  6. Extenuating circumstances and special considerations will be arbitrated by James Robnett.

Content reviewed on: 25-October-2007
Reviewed by: George Martin