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Using AIPS
Fortran & PGPLOT
List of Useful Documents

Name of Document Year Author(s)
AIPS++ 2004 Aips++ Group
Aips Cookbook 2006 E. Greisen
The Difmap Cookbook 1997 G. Taylor
FILLM - Online Filling of VLA Data 2006 G. van Moorsel, W. Young, Meri Stanley
Going AIPS 1990 NRAO Staff
Grace User's Guide 2007 P. Turner, Grace Development Team
Guide for VLA Spectral Line Observers 2003 E. Wilcots, E. Brinks, J. Higdon
Latex 2e - The Not So Short Introduction 2006 T. Oetiker
OCTAVE 2006 J. Eaton
Terminal Servers Manual 2006 F. Dunn
VLA Calibrator Manual 2006 Mark Claussen
VLA Computing Memos 1996 NRAO Staff
VLA Observational Status Summary 2006 J. Ulvestad, R. Perley, G. Taylor
VLBA Observational Status Summary 2006 J. Wrobel
VLBI at the VLA 2002 J. Wrobel, G. Taylor

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