NRAO AOC Colloquium Series: Fall 2007

Colloquia are held in the auditorium of the Array Operations Center in Socorro, New Mexico. All are welcome, but the talks generally assume a good grounding in research astronomy.

Talks are usually scheduled for 11am local time on Fridays; those which are not are indicated in red.

Current Colloquium Schedule - Fall 2007

07 Sep 2007
EVLA Advisory Committee meeting, no colloquium
14 Sep 2007
"The molecular ridge close to 30 Doradus in the Large Magellanic Cloud"
Speaker: Juergen Ott, NRAO
Host: Rick Perley
21 Sep 2007
"ANITA: Looking for Neutrinos with A Very Small Array"
Speaker: Peter Gorham, U. Hawaii
Host: Dale Frail
28 Sep 2007
"Dynamics of Black Hole Nuclei "
Speaker: David Merritt, Rochester Institute of Technology
Host: Joan Wrobel
05 Oct 2007
"Precision Bothrology: Toward a Physical Theory of Sgr A*"
Speaker: Charles F. Gammie, Univ. of Illinois
Host: Michael Rupen
12 Oct 2007
"A Radio View of the GRB-SN Connection"
Speaker: Alicia Soderberg, Caltech
Host: Dale Frail
18 Oct 2007
"New Tales from the Orion Nebula and (Slightly) Beyond"
Speaker: Karl Menten, MPIfR Bonn
Host: Chris Carilli
19 Oct 2007
New Mexico Symposium, no colloquium
26 Oct 2007
"The Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems"
Speaker: Dean Hines, Space Science Institute
Host: Claire Chandler
02 Nov 2007
"Dark Matter & Highest Redshift Galaxies: Revealing the Invisible with the "Bullet Cluster""
Speaker: Marusa Bradac, Stanford
Host: Steve Myers
09 Nov 2007
"The First Stars and Black Holes and the Reionization History of the Universe"
Speaker: Zoltan Haiman, U. Columbia
Host: Chris Carilli
16 Nov 2007
"Hunting for Buried Treasure: IR and X-ray Observations of the Galactic Center"
Speaker: Reba Bandyopadhyay, U. Florida
Host: Amy Mioduszewski
23 Nov 2007
NRAO holiday, no colloquium
30 Nov 2007
"The Origin of Gaseous Halos in Nearby Galaxies"
Speaker: Richard Rand, UNM
Host: Michael Rupen
07 Dec 2007
"Hypersonic Swizzle Sticks: Proto-stellar Jets and Turbulence in Molecular Clouds"
Speaker: Adam Frank, U. Rochester
Host: Debra Shepherd
14 Dec 2007
"12CO (J=1-0) Survey of Local ULIRGs using the Redshift Search Receiver"
Speaker: Aeree Chung, NRAO/U. Mass
Host: Dale Frail

If you would like to talk with the speaker, send email to the local host. If you are the speaker, and need to talk to someone, try either your local host or one of the current colloquium chairs. We are always on the lookout for suggestions for future speakers.

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