NRAO AOC Colloquium Series: Fall 2005

Colloquia are held in the auditorium of the Array Operations Center in Socorro, New Mexico. All are welcome, but the talks generally assume a good grounding in research astronomy.

Talks are usually scheduled for 11am local time on Fridays; those which are not are indicated in red.

Current Colloquium Schedule - Fall 2005

09 Sep 2005
"Properties and Environments of Ultraluminous High-redshift Galaxies"
Speaker: Andrew Blain, Caltech
Host: Chris Carilli
16 Sep 2005
"The FIRST SURVEY is Gone (from the schedule), but Not Forgotten"
Speaker: Bob Becker, UC Davis and LLNL
Host: Rick Perley
23 Sep 2005
"Star Formation and Molecular Clouds in Normal Galaxies"
Speaker: Leo Blitz, Berkeley
Host: Lisa Young
30 Sep 2005
"HI Supershells and the Galactic Ecosystem"
Speaker: Naomi McClure-Griffiths, ATNF
Host: Dale A. Frail
07 Oct 2005
"Bulk Comptonization of the Cosmic Microwave Background by Extragalactic Jets as a Probe of Their Matter Content"
Speaker: Markos Georganopoulos, UMBC
Host: Michael Rupen
14 Oct 2005
No Colloquium
New Mexico Symposium
21 Oct 2005
"Supernova 1986J: Birth of a Pulsar Nebula?"
Speaker: Michael Bietenholz, York U.
Host: Michael Rupen
28 Oct 2005
"Imaging the Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation"
Speaker: Tim Pearson, Caltech
Host: Steve Myers
04 Nov 2005
"Toward a Quantitative and Physical Interpretation of Mid-Infrared Emission from Galaxies"
Speaker: Bojan Nikolic, NRAO
Host: Claire Chandler
11 Nov 2005
No Colloquium
Veterans Day holiday
18 Nov 2005
"Stellar Rotation: A Probe of Initial Star-Forming Conditions?"
Speaker: Steve Strom, NOAO
Host: Miller Goss
25 Nov 2005
No Colloquium
Thanksgiving holiday
02 Dec 2005
"Observations on the formation of massive stars by accretion"
Speaker: Eric Keto, CfA
Host: Vincent Fish
09 Dec 2005
"Information Technology, Evolution of Science, and Virtual Observatory"
Speaker: George Djorgovski
Note that this talk will be given at a non-standard time
Host: Dale A. Frail
16 Dec 2005
"New Results on the Nature of Intermediate Redshift Galaxy Halos"
Speaker: Chris Churchill, NMSU
Host: Dale Frail

If you would like to talk with the speaker, send email to the local host. If you are the speaker, and need to talk to someone, try either your local host or one of the current colloquium chairs. We are always on the lookout for suggestions for future speakers.

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