NRAO AOC Colloquium Series: Fall 2001

Colloquia are held in the auditorium of the Array Operations Center in Socorro, New Mexico. All are welcome, but the talks generally assume a good grounding in research astronomy.

Talks are usually scheduled for 11am local time on Fridays; those which are not are indicated in red.

Upcoming Colloquium Schedule - Fall 2001

Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Anish Roshi, NRAO
Low frequency carbon recombination lines towards HI self-absorption features in the Galaxy
Host: Miller Goss
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Dan Reichart, Caltech
Turning to the Dark Side: Evidence for Circumburst Extinction of Gamma-Ray Bursts with Dark Optical Afterglows
Host: Michael Rupen
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Stirling Colgate, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Our magnetized Universe from Black Hole Formation
Host: Chris Carilli
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Bill Forman, CfA
The High Angular Resolution View of Hot Gas in Clusters and Galaxies from Chandra
Host: Chris Carilli
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Mary Putman, U Colorado
Tracing Galaxy Assembly with the Gaseous Halo
Host: Debra Shepherd
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Kristy Dyer, NRAO
Thermal and Nonthermal X-rays in Supernova Remnants
Host: Mark Claussen
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Dan Stinebring, Oberlin College
Faint Scattering Around Pulsars: Probing the Interstellar Medium on Solar System Size Scales
Host: Mark McKinnon
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Andrew Hopkins, U Pittsburgh
Galaxy evolution: The last 10 billion years
Host: Chris Carilli
Fri, 2:00pm
Speaker: Avi Loeb, U Harvard
Non-Thermal Processes In The Intergalactic Medium
Host: Greg Taylor
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Henrique Schmitt, NRAO
Jet Directions in Active Galaxies
Host: Jim Ulvestad
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Fulvio Melia, U Arizona
Polarimetric Imaging of the Black Hole at the Galactic Center
Host: Miller Goss
Fri, 2:00pm
Speaker: Mario Livio, STScI
Type Ia Supernovae and Cosmology
Host: Henrique Schmitt

If you would like to talk with the speaker, send email to the local host. If you are the speaker, and need to talk to someone, try either your local host or one of the current colloquium chairs. We are always on the lookout for suggestions for future speakers.

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