Wayne's Ranma 1/2 Video List

This is my viewing method for Ranma 1/2 videos such that they follow the Manga as close
as possible. Also, I do watch the non-Manga animes too. I've made a note to those. You
can view them where I watch them or watch them at the end or whatever you want to do,
as you wish.


The TV series is different for the subtitle and dubbed versions. The dubbed TV series is
denoted by the label VVRT-### on the side of the box where ### is the tape number.
The dubbed tapes contain only two episodes per tape. The numbering method for the
subbed TV series is VVRS-###. The subbed tapes have three episodes per tape. This
means that the dubbed TV series has nine tapes, while the subbed TV series has only six
tapes. Starting with The Anything Goes Martial Arts series, Viz made both the subbed and
dubbed tapes have two episodes per tape. The Anything Goes Martial Arts is denoted by
VVRA-###, Hard Battle by VVHB-###, the OAVs by VVRO-###, and the movies by
VVRM-###. For the subtitled videos, Viz added an "S" on the end starting with The
Anything Goes Martial Arts series. So you would see for this series VVRA-###S.

The OAV series is even more confusing for the subtitle and dubbed versions due to the
fact that Viz switched styles mid-stream. The first two subtitled OAV's contained three
episodes per tape, while the rest will contain two episodes per tape. The first two subtitled
tapes are called "Ranma 1/2 The Collector's Edition: The OAVs". The third tape uses the
same name as the dubbed OAV, in this case "An Akane to Remember". The next two will
also be named simularly. Therefore, there will be one less tape in the subtitled version from the
dubbed versions.

For viewing the tapes I'll put on an "A", "B", or "C" on the end to denote the first, second, or
third episodes of these tapes as needed.

Because of the TV series being different, I'll split the viewing into a dubbed section and a
subbed section. When I complete all the TV series tapes I'll be able to stop differentiating
between dubbed and subbed. When I get to the OAV's, I'll put the Subtitled version tape
numbers in {} style brackets next to the dubbed tape numbers.

Viewing Method:

For people with dubbed tapes watch:

VVRT-001 thru VVRT-007;   Note that VVRT-007(B) is non-Manga
VVRA-001, VVRA-002(A) VVRT-008;
VVRT-009;   Note that VVRT-009(B) is non-Manga

For people with subbed tapes watch:

VVRS-001 thru VVRS-005(B);   Note that VVRS-005(B) is non-Manga
VVRA-001S, VVRA-002S(A) VVRS-005(C);
VVRS-006;    Note that VVRS-006(C) is non-Manga

Now we can merge subbed and dubbed together. Subbed types, please note I've removed the
"S" to try to make this more understandable.

VVRA-003, VVRA-004, VVRA-005(A);
VVRA-006, VVMM-003(A);
VVRA-002(B);    Note this doesn't follow the story as well as it could. I considered it almost
non-Manga, but it is based loosely on the Manga story, so this is where it goes.

VVRA-008(A), VVRA-011(B), VVOC-006(B);
VVRA-010(B), VVRA-005(B), VVRA-011(A);

VVRA-009;   Note that VVRA-009 expands VVRA-008(B) with non-Manga material, but
                      you have to watch it to complete the anime story arc.

VVRA-010(A), VVHB-001;
VVRA-007, VVHB-003(A);
VVHB-002(B), VVHB-002(A) VVHB-004(A);

VVOC-001;   Note that VVOC-001(B) expands VVOC-001(A) with non-Manga
                       material, but you have to watch it to complete the anime story arc.

VVHB-011(A), VVOC-002, VVOC-003(A);
VVOC-004(B); VVOC-006(A), VVOC-008;
VVOC-009(B), VVOC-011(A), VVMM-001;

VVRO-001(A); {VROS-001(A)}
VVRO-002;      {VROS-001(C)} and {VROS-002(A)}
VVRO-004;      {VROS-003}
VVRO-005(B); {VROS-004(B)}
VVRO-005(A); {VROS-004(A)}
VVRO-006;      {VROS-005}

VVHB-003(B) Note that this is non-Manga
VVHB-004(B) Note that this is non-manga
VVHB-005;    Note that the complete tape is non-Manga
VVHB-006;    Note that the complete tape is non-Manga
VVHB-007(B) Note that this is non-Manga
VVHB-008;    Note that the complete tape is non-Manga
VVHB-009;    Note that the complete tape is non-Manga
VVHB-010;    Note that the complete tape is non-Manga
VVHB-011(B) Note that this is non-Manga
VVHB-012     Note that the complete tape is non-Manga
VVOC-003(B) Note that this is non-Manga
VVOC-004(A) Note that this is non-Manga
VVOC-005     Note that the complete tape is non-Manga
VVOC-007     Note that the complete tape is non-Manga
VVOC-009(A) Note that this is non-Manga
VVOC-010     Note that the complete tape is non-Manga
VVOC-011(B) Note that this is non-Manga
VVOC-012     Note that the complete tape is non-Manga
VVMM-002    Note that the complete tape is non-Manga
VVMM-003(B)  Note that this is non-Manga

VVRO-003;      {VROS-002(B)} and {VROS-002(C)}
Note that the complete tape is non-Manga

VVRM-001, VVRM-002; Both Movies are non-Manga

VVRO-001(B)  {VROS-001(B)};   Note that VVRO-001(B) is non-Manga

Tape Titles:

The following is a listing of Tape Titles. The ones that have dates are approximate to ship dates. I usually get my tapes about
2 weeks later then the indicated date. A (S) means that there is both a dubbed and subbed tape version. Ones without means that only the dubbed version exists.

Dubbed Ranma 1/2 and Collector's Editions TV Series:

VVRT-001 TV Series Tape 1 (Dubbed)           VVRS-001 TV Series Tape 1 (Subbed)
VVRT-002 TV Series Tape 2 (Dubbed)           VVRS-002 TV Series Tape 2 (Subbed)
VVRT-003 TV Series Tape 3 (Dubbed)           VVRS-003 TV Series Tape 3 (Subbed)
VVRT-004 TV Series Tape 4 (Dubbed)           VVRS-004 TV Series Tape 4 (Subbed)
VVRT-005 TV Series Tape 5 (Dubbed)           VVRS-005 TV Series Tape 5 (Subbed)
VVRT-006 TV Series Tape 6 (Dubbed)           VVRS-006 TV Series Tape 6 (Subbed)
VVRT-007 TV Series Tape 7 (Dubbed)
VVRT-008 TV Series Tape 8 (Dubbed)
VVRT-009 TV Series Tape 9 (Dubbed)

Anything Goes Martial Arts Series:

VVRA-001(S)     Darling Charlotte
VVRA-002(S)     It's Fast or It's Free
VVRA-003(S)     Cat-Fu Fighting
VVRA-004(S)     Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire
VVRA-005(S)     Cold Competition
VVRA-006(S)     The Breaking Point
VVRA-007(S)     Fowl Play
VVRA-008(S)     The Evil Wakes
VVRA-009(S)     Goodbye Girl-Type
VVRA-010(S)     Tough Cookies
VVRA-011(S)     Ranma and Juliet

Hard Battle Series

VVHB-001(S)     Ukyo Can Cook
VVHB-002(S)     Dim Sum Darling
VVHB-003(S)     Dharma Chameleon
VVHB-004(S)     Once Upon A Time In Jusenkyo
VVHB-005(S)     Pretty Womanhood
VVHB-006(S)     Suddenly Sasuke
VVHB-007(S)     Meloncholy Baby
VVHB-008(S)     Back to the Happosai
VVHB-009(S)     Da Doo Ling-Ling, Lung-Lung
VVHB-010(S)     Smells Like Evil Spirit
VVHB-011(S)     Soap Gets in Your Eyes
VVHB-012(S)     Mirror Mirror

Outta Control Series:

VVOC-001(S)    Headmaster From Hell
VVOC-002(S)    ...The Harder They Fall
VVOC-003(S)    Immoral Kombat
VVOC-004(S)    My Fiancee, The Cat
VVOC-005(S)    The Spirit of Furinkan
VVOC-006(S)    A Room With a Zoo
VVOC-007        Happy's Heart
VVOC-008        Tattoo You
VVOC-009        Great Eggspectations
VVOC-010        Pinky Promised                                                     Sub out 07/21/2000
VVOC-011        You Bet Your Dojo
VVOC-012        Eat, Drink, Man Who Turns Into Woman

Martial Mayhem Series: (Current On-Going)

VVMM-001    Buns of Steel
VVMM-002    Marry Me, Akane
VVMM-003    Tea For Three
VVMM-004    Daddy Dearest                                                            Dub out 05/xx/2000
VVMM-005    One Lump or Two                                                       Dub out 05/xx/2000
VVMM-006    Croak and Dagger                                                       Dub out 05/xx/2000
VVMM-007    Three Girls, A Guy, and A (Japanese) Pizza Place    Dub out 05/xx/2000
VVMM-008    To the Victor, the Spoils                                             Dub out 06/09/2000
VVMM-009    Battle: Fois Gras                                                        Dub out 07/07/2000

OAV Series: Dubbed

VVRO-001          Desperately Seeking Shampoo
VVRO-002          Like Water For Ranma
VVRO-003          Akane And Her Sisters
VVRO-004          An Akane To Remember
VVRO-005          One Grew Over The Kuno's Nest
VVRO-006          Faster, Kasumi! Kill! Kill!

OAV Series: Subbed

Three episodes per tape, contains above dubbed versions

VROS-001           Desperately Seeking Shampoo and Part 1: Like Water For Ranma
VROS-002           Part 2: Like Water For Ranma and Akane And Her Sisters

Two episodes per tape, as above dubbed versions

VROS-003           An Akane To Remember
VROS-004           One Grew Over The Kuno's Nest
VROS-005           Faster, Kasumi! Kill! Kill!

Movie Series:

VVRM-001(S)      Big Trouble In Nekonron, China
VVRM-002(S)      Nihao My Concubine

If I have made an error, please let me know so I can correct it.

Also do not blame Viz for the ordering. They are following the as aired order in Japan. It
appears they have very little leeway in this matter, so don't blame the messenger.

Beyond "Tea For Three", we have 67 episodes to go. At the current production
rate, we'll finish in about the year 2003.

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at wkoski@zia.aoc.nrao.edu