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(NRAO/GBO is committed to principles of equity and inclusion in all aspects of its operation as an observatory. We collect gender information to allow us to analyze gender-related systematics in the proposal review process. No personal, identifying information will be disclosed as a result of this analysis.)

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Science Review Panel (Science Categories)

SSP - Solar system, stars, planetary systems: Sun, planets, comets, IPM, exoplanets, main sequence stars, active stars, stellar winds, AGB stars, post-AGB stars, PNe, novae

GWT - Gravitational Waves and Energetic transients: Supernovae, gravitational wave sources, gamma-ray bursts, tidal disruption events, fast radio bursts, exotic/unknown transients

PCO - Pulsars and Compact objects: Millisecond pulsars, cataclysmic variables, black hole and/or neutron star x-ray binaries, pulsar timing, pulsar proper motion

SFM - Star formation: young stellar objects, protostars, jets, outflows, T Tauri stars, circumstellar disks, protoplanetary systems

ISM - Interstellar medium: galactic HI, OH, ISM magnetic fields, SNRs, HII regions, astrochemistry

NGA - Galaxies (continuum), groups, clusters: disk emission, star formation, magnetic fields, galactic winds, starbursts, intracluster emission

EGS- Galaxies (line): galaxy structure, galaxy kinematics and dynamics, galaxy chemistry, gas in galaxies

LLA - Active galactic nuclei, low-luminosity: FR 1 radio galaxies, FR 0 radio galaxies, Seyfert galaxies, quiescent SMBH, Sgr A*

HLA - Active galactic nuclei, high-luminosity: FR II radio galaxies, quasars, QSOs, blazars, BL Lacs

HIZ - High redshift and source surveys: high-z objects, extragalactic source surveys, galaxy formation, gravitational lenses, CMB, early universe