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M87 Movies from 2006 and 2010


Gif animations have been made of the images taken in 2006 as part of the pilot project and in 2010 in the follow-up to a TeV flare.

The 2006 data have a wide range of intervals, so the movie is a bit awkward to follow. The purpose of the observations was to determine the appropriate observing cadence so intervals between 3 days and 3 months were sampled. Longer intervals were thought not to be adequate based on older observations while shorter would only be required with extremely high velocities. The animation pauses on each image for a time proportional to the interval between the midpoints of the intervals before and after the point. The variable pause takes advantage of a capability to do that in gif animations.


The first epoch in 2010 was a background run well before the trigger. The other 5 epochs were taken at about two week intervals, which was chosen as a compromise between the too-long interval of the 2007 observing and the degraded dynamic scheduling encountered in 2008 with 5 day intervals.