5.2 Old Releases

5.2.1 Version 10.1

This version was released on or about Feb. 14, 2012. It addresses a number of issues related to the new wideband system on the VLBA.

5.2.2 Version 10.0

5.2.3 Version 9.4

This version brings in many new capabilities including support for multiple phase centers on the DiFX correlator, automatic insertion of geodetic segments (DELZN), enhancement to DWELL to allow scans to start before the slowest antennas arrive, and support for the new wideband hardware (RDBE and Mark5C with hooks for the DBBC). The release will likely be on Jan. 14, 2011.

5.2.4 Version 9.3

This version corrects an error in the reference dates in the locations.dat file. There are also some code updates and more configure scripts for gfortran on Linux. Version 9.3 was released on March 23, 2010.

5.2.5 Version 9.2

This was version 9.1 during development. Version 9.2 was released on March 10, 2010.

5.2.6 Version 9.0

This is a beta release available locally in Socorro. It was released on Oct. 14, 2009. Note that beta releases are not necessarily full releases with all possible binaries and all the documentation fully updated. But they are a snapshot of the development version so any new features will be in the next main release.

5.2.7 Version 8.1

We needed to get the GBT catalog corrections and the Vex file fix into the wild.

5.2.8 Version 8.0

Released on Dec. 13, 2008.

5.2.9 Version 6.05

Version 6.05 is a minor revision from version 6.04. The main issue addressed was a problem where sources between 0 and -1 deg dec had the wrong sign of dec in sources.vlba. There are also a couple of bug fixes in the plot routines and new Arecibo entries in freq.dat. It was released on June 8, 2006.

5.2.10 Version 6.04

Version 6.04.1 is version 6.04 except that a the sources.vlba catalog has been fixed to remove duplicate aliases and to restore a very small number of aliases that were lost in 6.04.

The major enhancement in the 6.04 version is the addition of OPTMODE=HAS which can be used to construct certain kinds of schedules automatically from an input schedule that is basically a source list. In this mode, SCHED tries to spread the scans on each source in hour angle subject to various constraints. In its current form, it is most useful for scheduling survey type observations. Future enhancements will make it more useful for phase referencing and other modes. For more information, see the OPTMODE description.

This release includes everything that was in the 6.03 mini-releases that occurred since 6.02. Those mini-releases were not sent to the broader community and were intended mainly to make available the new OPTMODE=HAS for use by the VIPS survey, which started before we could do a proper SCHED release.

Change log:

Version 6.04.1:

Version 6.04:

5.2.11 Version 6.02 (Released 29 July 2005)

5.2.12 Version 6.01

5.2.13 Version 6.0 - Released March 8, 2005

This includes many items that were in the 4 Oct 2004 release made in the AOC.

5.2.14 Release of 18 September 2003.

5.2.15 Release of 02 July 2002.

5.2.16 Release of 16 October 2001.

5.2.17 Release of 12 February 2001.

It seems that we are having teething problems with the new reference pointing capabilities. This release makes available some important fixes required for 3mm VLBA projects. But it does not have some fixes for VEX problems that will affect CMVA runs. So there will be another release in a couple of weeks. The changes here are not significant for users not attempting reference pointing with AUTOPEAK or other mechanism that invokes setup files with FORMAT=NONE. If you don’t need this one right now, it is recommended you wait for the VEX fixes.

5.2.18 Release of 30 January 2001.

This was an emergency release to fix the problem with the Doppler calculations when using the automatic reference pointing scan insertion. This problem would be fatal for schedules using spectral line sources and AUTOPEAK. Given that most reference pointing sources are line sources, this means most 86 GHz projects on the VLBA. Other types of projects are not affected.

5.2.19 Release of 12 January 2001.

5.2.20 Release of 28 April 2000.

5.2.21 Release of 1 July 1999.

5.2.22 Release of 1 Dec. 1998.

5.2.23 Release of 30 March 1998.

5.2.24 Release of 18 Nov. 1997.

5.2.25 Release of 18 August 1997.

5.2.26 Release of 1 Aug. 1997

5.2.27 Release of 10 Feb. 1997

5.2.28 Release of 14 Jan. 1997

5.2.29 Release of 4 Dec. 1996

5.2.30 Release of 26 June 1996

5.2.31 Release of 13 Apr 1996

5.2.32 Release of 22 Feb 1996

This is a slightly modified version of the SCHED that was released within NRAO in December 1995.

This version included a number of evolutionary changes made up to November 1995. In that month, the VLBA OBSERVE (GNOMES) project was cancelled and it became clear that SCHED had much more of a future than expected. Many changes, including addition of plotting and dwell time scheduling, along with massive changes in internal structure for both maintainability and for eventual Mark IV support, were made. Also the help file was renamed the manual, formated for LaTeX and html, and to a large degree, rewritten. It is now this document.

The evolutionary changes before November 1995 were:

The big rewrite included:

5.2.33 Release of 16 May 1995

Consult the old sched.hlp file for changes before 1995. It can be obtained from Craig Walker.