0.2 Links to Manual Sections and to External Information.

New users — please read:

Introduction: General information about SCHED.

Keyin Free-Format Input: The data input format common to all files.

Input and Output Files: Brief descriptions of SCHED’s files.

Running SCHED: How to get it to execute.

Getting started: Some examples which can be used as templates.

Observing strategy: Some tips.

Installing SCHED: If SCHED is not yet on your computer.

The SCHED input files and their input parameters:

The main input schedule.

The Station Catalog.

The Source Catalog.

The Setup Files.

The Frequency Catalog.

The Tape Initialization File.

Spectral Line Frequencies.

Different types of VLBI observations:

VLBA observing: Most of this manual.

VLA observing for VLBI.

General information on non-VLBA systems.

Mark IV (and VLBA4) VLBI observing.

Non-VLBA telescopes with VLBA recorders.

S2 VLBI observing. Obsolete.

VLBA Single-Dish observing (mostly test observations).

Detailed advice and information:

Project Planning: How to use SCHED while writing proposals and while designing an observation.

Making plots: UV coverage, elevation vs time etc.

Scan times: The many ways to specify when to observe.

Tape management: Obsolete since the advent of disk recordings.

Head positions and track assignments: Some gory details for the masochistic.

Special concerns for specific observartories.

Distribution of SCHED files: Where to send the output files.

Related programs: Where does SCHED fit in.

Station codes: A list, a bit dated.

Changes to SCHED: A list of recent SCHED changes.

A history of SCHED: A brief history.

Some links to other sources of information:

NRAO Home Page: General information on NRAO and links to most NRAO resources.

VLBA Home Page: VLBA information and links including much of importance to someone scheduling VLBI.

VLBI at the VLA. Extensive information on VLBI observations with the VLA.

VLBI on the GBT: Information about using the GBT for VLBI. Please consult this if you are using the GBT. There are special concerns, such as temperature dependent slew rates and many others, that can significantly affect scheduling.

VLBI at Arecibo: Information about VLBI at Arecibo. You will need to follow a couple of links from the above page - somehow the URL doesn’t change going down the links.

JIVE Home Page: A good place to start for information on European and Global VLBI.