Chapter 3
THE SCHED INPUT FILES (Includes parameter lists)

This chapter covers the main input files that SCHED reads. However note that there are a couple of special purpose files that are covered in other sections. The input for specification of spectral line rest frequencies is covered in the section on spectral line observations. The input to control insertion of reference pointing scans is covered in the section on reference pointing.

See the SCHED Input and Output Files section of this manual for brief descriptions of the files and pointers to the standard versions.

 3.1 The Schedule File
  3.1.1 Summary List of SCHED Parameters
  3.1.2 Details of SCHED Parameters
 3.2 Source Catalog
 3.3 Station Catalog and Locations Catalog
 3.4 Tape Initialization File
  3.4.1 Details of Tape Initialization Parameters
 3.5 Frequency Catalog
  3.5.1 List of Frequency File Parameters
 3.6 Setup Files
  3.6.1 Standard Setup Files
  3.6.2 Examples of Setup Files
  3.6.3 Summary List of Setup File Parameters
  3.6.4 Details of Setup File Parameters
 3.7 Satellite Initialization.