B.8 Installation on Mac OSX 10.3 in 2003.

For those with older systems, here are a few details for Mac OS X users based on my experience installing SCHED on a Mac iBook G4 system in Dec 2003 with OS X version 10.3 (Panther). Note that, for OSX 10.5, the installation was somewhat smoother with the main issue being a need to switch from g77 to gfortran. PGPLOT could be downloaded from the Fink. For OSX 10.3, before installing SCHED, the code tools had to be installed (the installation package was already on disk, but not yet installed) and X windows had to be installed from the OS X installation CD 3 (not CD 2 as some documentation stated). The code tools include gcc, but not g77 (why?). A binary version of g77 compatible with Panther was obtained from hpc.sourceforge.net. It installed itself on download and simply worked. PGPLOT was installed. There was no PGPLOT configuration file (.conf file) provided for OS X (there probably is one now). I made a local.conf file starting with the one from ../src/sys_bsd/g77_gcc.conf. The following two lines were different:

 LIBS="-L/usr/lib -lgcc -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11"

The routine that makes the font file (pgpack) caused some trouble while I was messing with various variants on the above, but eventually worked. I suspect problems with big vs little endian byte orders, but I’m not sure. Note that pgplot version 5.3 has OS X as a standard OS type. This version was not released as of Aug 2008 (may never be), but might be available if you ask nicely.

Once the X windows environment, gcc/g77, and PGPLOT were ready, SCHED compiled and ran with the Makefile set up for Linux/g77 and the and the following two modified lines (one just depends on the location of PGPLOT and the other helps it find the gcc libraries): XLD = -L/usr/lib -lgcc -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 # Mac OS X (ie DARWIN) LPGPLOT = /usr/local/pgplot The architecture still claimed to be LINUX and the g77 compiler flags were the same. That’s all it took! It compiled and passed the verification tests. If you are using FINK, some details may be different.

If you run into problems with some missing .h files, you might have a mismatched OS version and XCODE version, as I did.

I now have SCHED on a Powerbook G4 (OSX 10.3 still) and that is now one of the SCHED development platforms.