Arrival Information

10th Summer Synthesis Imaging Workshop

June 13-20, 2006

Most of the information on this page will be distributed to you with your packet when you arrive.

Mirror Site

The UNM Physics website has been down intermittently. We are mirroring the web site to, so you can look for all Workshop information there.

Change in administration

Jennie Peer has left to attend her wedding, so from now on all emails should be sent to me (kristy.dyer[at] and Rebecca Ralph (teddybearblues84[at]

Greeters at the airport June 12

If you arrive between 6AM and midnight on June 12 at the Albuquerque airport, there will be someone at baggage to meet you (one escalator carries people down to baggage -- look for someone with a sign marked "10th Synthesis Imaging Workshop" at the bottom of the escalator or near Visitor's Information).

Transportation from the Airport

Whether you come in on June 12, or earlier or later, you have two options for transportation. You can share a cab (6-20$ plus tip), or, between 7 AM and 8:30 PM you can take a public bus ($1) which will drop you at Central and Yale, about a half mile walk across campus to the dorms.

Here are airport bus schedules, in pdf format:

There are several ATMs in the airport for obtaining US currency to pay for the bus or the cab. The bus driver will not be able to provide change -- you will need coins or a 1$ bill to get on the bus -- you can buy a soda.

Map of Campus

I have put a map of campus with all the important buildings marked up at Campus Map Campus Map

You may need to use the "Fit to page" button when you print the map.

Also marked is where the public bus drop-off at the intersection of Central and Yale. If you take a cab, you can hand the cab driver the map to show him where you want to go.

Arrival on Campus after Midnight

If you arrive on campus after midnight (which will probably happen if your flight lands anytime after 11 PM), you will have to pick up your dorm keys at the 24 hour desk in the Student Services Center, which is marked (Building 85) on the map. If your flight is SCHEDULED to arrive after midnight, hopefully you will have sent me an email. If your flight is delayed so that you will arrive on campus after midnight, please let us know so that we can move your keys to the 24 hour desk in the Student Services Center (marked on the Campus Map, above).

Reception, Hokona Dorm Lounge 6PM-9PM

If you are not staying in the dorm, please join us at Hokona Dorm in the lounge area for a reception from 6PM to 9PM on June 12 (It is marked on the Campus Map or Campus Map at NRAO site). You can pick up your registration packet there. If you told us which hotel you were staying in, we will drop off your packet so that you can pick it up when you arrive. If for some reason your packet is not there, be sure and show up at 8:30 AM Tuesday June 13 at Anthropology (marked "Lectures" on the map). The hotels we recommended all provide transportation to and from UNM -- please confirm with them when you check in that you need to arrive at UNM at 8:30 AM.

Coffee at 8:30 AM, before Lectures

There will be juice and coffee available every day before the lecture at 8:30 AM.

Contact number

The Workshop now has an emergency number -- 505-269-4505. During the day someone helping with the Workshop will answer it. At night, it will be by my bedside. Carry the number with you in case you need it and give it to your family as an *emergency* contact, but please don't wake me up in the middle of the night unless it's serious!

Restaurants within walking distance of the dorms

If you are arriving in advance, you may want the restaurant recommendations now -- they are at:

Restaurant Recommendations Restaurant Recommendations at NRAO site

"Stomp" showing on Campus

If you are arriving very early, Popejoy Hall on campus is showing the unique dance show "Stomp" June 6-11.

Driving directions

If you are driving, you can use the address of Hokona Hall to get driving directions from the web: 2500 Campus Blvd. NE, Albuquerque NM 87106, USA

How to obtain extra banquet tickets

Your banquet ticket is already paid for (unless you are a grazer). If you would like to bring guest to the banquet, you will need to pay $10 for guests over the age of 12. Please email us if you need extra tickets.

Internet Access

The dorm rooms has wired internet for your laptop. The campus as a whole has an open wireless system called "unm" -- however Anthropology, the building in which the lectures are being held works like a Faraday cage -- there's no reception inside the hall.

Packing List

Here's your packing list:

Switch of day for hike and VLA tour

Please note that earlier I had gotten the days switched for the hike and VLA tour. The hike is actually on Sunday June 18, the VLA tour is on Saturday June 17.

Any other questions, feel free to contact me, or Rebecca Ralph.

kristy.dyer[at] teddybearblues84[at]

See you soon!

-- Dr. Kristy Dyer