Yet Another Interferometric Software Division (ISD) Programmer

Wes Young, NRAO -Socorro

Roll 5 - 10

Greetings, you've stumbled across Wes Young's web page.

I'm currently the chief system's programmer for AIPS++ soon to morph into CASA I am responsible for the
I also provide support for In the past I have worked on
I have a life outside of work too: I enjoy hiking, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, bicycling, astronomy, soccer refereeing. Some day I will get to do these things again but right now my main hobby is keeping my children alive. Fortunately they're alot of fun. Recently went sent our oldest son, Karl, off to school. It was a big day for all of us.

Btw, we use to live in the little farming community of Lemitar NM. Here are some pictures of the former Casa de Young. We now live in Socorro on "Tech Hill" with a fine view of Socorro's new Walmart. We recently purchased a CoMotion Periscope 700 tandem from Spoke-n-Word Cycles.