PIBandConfig.Line/ContinuumSurvey Area
RegionContinuum Sensitivity
TitleOther Info
Bhatnagar, S.LDBoth660Galactic Plane351331VLA-GBT Wide-band Galactic Plane SurveyLine Resolution = 2kHz
Brown, M., L.LAContinuum10 - 100Targeted Fields13000-10000Probing the accelerating Universe with radio weak lensing in the JVLA Sky Survey-
Chatterjee, S.LAContinuumAll-skyAll-sky<20-Discovering Exotic Pulsars and Transients with VLASS and Time Domain SurveysNeeds multiple passes
Clarke, T.L/S/PC/D(C)/BContinuum----Radio Emission and Polarization Properties of Galaxy Clusters with VLASSExplores a number of options
Edge, A.C,K,QB,C/DContinuum-Targeted5-1075-90(+45)Constraining the evolution of AGN feedback in cluster cores over the past 7Gyr - a targeted VLASS survey-
Hales, C.LABoth5Targeted1<10000Go deep, not wide!-
Hallinan, G.L or SUnspecifiedContinuumAll-skyAll-sky100/epoch4000 totalTransient Science with the VLASS2 epochs over 32 months
<10GHz (L,S,C,X)UnspecifiedContinuum1000Galactic Plane and N. Galactic Cap100/epoch4000 total (~400/epoch)cadence of weeks-years
Jarvis, M.LAContinuum10XMMLSS,CDFS,CHILES1.53700A JVLA 10 degree2 deep L-band survey-
Kamble, A.C AContinuum1000Unspecified?1004.1h/dayRadio Supernovae in the Local Universe(also explores S-band as an option) cadence of 30 days. The minimum number of epochs necessary is not clear.
Law, C., J.S/C-Continuum--12mJy (5ms)5000Fast Transient Science in the VLASS"fast-dump" mode (Commensal)
Mao, S., A.SCContinuumAll-skyAll-sky903000A Wideband Polarization Survey of the Extragalactic Sky at 2-4GHzOther smaller/deeper options considered
Mills, E.CDnC, CnBBoth17Galactic Centre10750VLASSICK: The VLA Sky Survey in the Central KiloparsecVelocity Resolution ~5km/s ?
Richards, G.SBContinuum10000Overlap existing deep surveys407500A Design Concept for a Very Large Array Sky Survey-
Sjouwerman, L., O.KuCBoth2800Galactic Plane1303200Galactic kU-band Thermal Survey (GUTS)-
Burke Spolaor, S.L/CA/BContinuumfew thousand/few hundredUnspecified?200/2?A hunt for dual radio active galactic nuclei in the VLASS-
Spuck, T.-------Early Integration of Broader Impacts - EPONot a survey design paper. This paper argues for whichever VLASS project is selected to have an outreach component.
Wang, W.LA ?Continuum<1400Targed deep fields10-The Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey and the Synergy with the VLA Sky Survey-
Wilson, T.PA or B-----"Free" meter-wavelength, commensal measurements during VLASS with VLITEExplores commensal observations at Pband with VLITE during VLASS