Astronomy 11 Fall 1998: Observing Projects
Astronomy 12
Introduction to Astrophysics II
Spring 1999
Prof. Steven T. Myers
Last update: 1 March 1999


You will be expected to carry out one short nighttime observing session using the telescopes located at the observatory on the roof of DRL. We will not run the observing very far into April, so please complete this as soon as possible!


First, you must register (be sure to choose Astro12:Dr. Myers as your section), and then use the observatory sign-up for sessions starting in March. The observing and computer labs count for a total of 20% of your grade, so be sure to do these! They are not that difficult, relatively short, and actually quite fun.

The Student Observatory on the roof of DRL houses two instruments: an 8-inch Clark refractor, and a 10-inch Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector. The Meade is equipped with a CCD camera and computer control, and image processing software is available. The student observatory can be reached from the 4th floor of DRL, via the stairs near room 4W2 in the Math wing (sign marked "exit"). It is outside, so remember to dress accordingly.

Note that the TA running the observation will have all the materials necessary (though it will help if you bring a pen or pencil, and maybe a calculator). A worksheet will be handed out for you to fill in and then hand back in to me later. Its cold outside in the winter, so be sure to have warm clothes!

Is the Observatory Open?

Be sure to look outside before coming to DRL --- if you see clouds, we will not be open! You should also call 898-5995 to hear the recorded status message before coming, to check whether we are running. Today's observatory status is: