Astro-11 Fall 1998 Computer and Web Labs

Last update: 5 March 1999

You will be expected to carry out a total of four of the computer or Web "labs" listed below during the remainder of the semester. These are due on the last day of class, 22 April 1999.

The CLEA computer labs are available at download directly from the CLEA website! Follow the instructions in the lab guides provided on the links below.

The web labs can be carried out entirely using the internet. You should print out the worksheet so you can fill in the answers and hand it in. If you have questions or problems with this, or suggestions for improvements, please e-mail me.

You should hand these in to me during class, or at my office (just like the regular observing and homework).

  1. CLEA Computer Lab - Photoelectric Photometry of the Pleiades
  2. CLEA Computer Lab - Spectral Classification of Stars
  3. CLEA Computer Lab - Radio Astronomy of Pulsars
  4. CLEA Computer Lab - The Hubble Redshift-Distance Relation
  5. CLEA Computer Lab - The Large Scale Structure of the Universe (longer, may want to do in a group)
  6. PENN Astrolab Web Lab - The Pleiades
  7. PENN Astrolab Web Lab - The Andromeda Galaxy

Please complete the labs by the last day of class.

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