Lecture 12 - Stellar Structure II: Energy Transport (2/23/99)

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ASTR012 Reading:
Chapter 16-1, 16-2 (ZG4)

pages 46 - 51

The Herbig-Haro Object HH32, as seen by HST WFPC2. This is a young star that still has its accretion disk and outflow jet! (Courtesy Chris Burrows, WFPC2 Science Team, NASA)
? Key Question: How is Energy Transported in a Star?
! Key Principle: Radiation Pressure and Convection
# Key Problem: Find the Main-Sequence Mass-Luminosity Relation


  1. Equations of State
  2. Energy Generation and Radiative Transport
  3. Convective Energy Transport
  4. Main Sequence Scaling Relations

More Stellar Structure in Outline:

  1. Stellar Structure continued...

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