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3.3 Will batch modes make the flagging faster?

Batch operations will help only if data and flag I/O is shared between the flag commands. If commands touch different data-selections, running them together will not help.

  1. The following sequence of operations will benefit from being run together, because they all access spw 9, clip and rflag read visibilities, and rflag and extend read flags:

    mode='manual' spw='9:0 3;61 63'
    mode='clip' clipminmix=[0.0, 1e+5]
    mode='rflag' spw='9'
    mode='extend' growtime=80.0 extendpols=True

  2. This is an example that will not benefit from the list mode :

    mode='manual' spw='9:0 3;61 63'
    mode='clip' spw = '5' clipminmix=[0.0, 1e+5]

R. V. Urvashi 2013-09-11