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VLA/EVLA FE Lab, X7142
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
The Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope
VLA/EVLA  Photo Galleries
Built: 05 June 2010 Last update: 04 Mar 2015
General Photos of the Very Large Array (VLA)
Photos of the Very Large Array and site facilities
Transporter and moving a VLA antenna
EVLA receivers in the Vertex Room
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Unless otherwise indicated, all photos by
NRAO employee Paul Harden
They are here for you to use and amuse.
NON-NRAO USERS: If you steal my stuff, please at least
credit  Paul Harden NRAO
Legacy photos of the VLA
The VLA yesterday ... 1980-2010
Photos of the original VLA antennas and electronics
The Control Building, waveguide, D-racks, etc.
EVLA construction photos
Photos of the construction phase, rebuilding the VLA for the EVLA (2004-2010)
VLA R.I.P. Photos
Photos of antenna 10 - the last VLA antenna to be gutted
and retrofitted for EVLA - February 2010
On February 11, 2010 - the original VLA was no more.
EVLA Photos
The EVLA today ... 2010 and beyond
Photos of fiber optics, the antennas, EVLA receivers,
inside the Vertex Room, and the WIDAR correlator
Legacy sketches of the VLA
A few sketches of the legacy VLA
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Special events at the VLA
The Great Socorro Hailstorm - Oct. 2004
NRAO 50th Anniversary - June 2007
Rededication Pete Domenici Array Operations Center - 2008
B-17 Bombs VLA (Sept. 2012)