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VLA/EVLA FE Lab, X7142
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
The Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope
Built: 18 Aug 2009 Last update: 09 May 2011
EVLA Array photos  
Various photos of the Very Large Array
The EVLA Today (2010 and beyond)
Photos of the Expanded VLA (EVLA) after 2010 completion.
All photos by Paul Harden.
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The WIDAR Correlator
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evla001029.jpg evla001028.jpg evla001027.jpg
Not much difference between the VLA and EVLA from the outside
EVLA Receivers  
The new suite of 15K cryogenically cooled EVLA receivers
evla001026.jpg evla001025.jpg evla001024.jpg evla001023.jpg evla001022.jpg evla001021.jpg
L-band receiver
1-2 GHz
S-band receiver
2-4 GHz
C-band receiver
4-8 GHz
Old X-band
EVLA X-band
8-12 GHz
Suite of high-band receivers
(l-r) Ku, K, Q, Ka
12-52 GHz
evla001020.jpg evla001019.jpg evla001018.jpg evla001017.jpg evla001016.jpg
Fiber optics entering the antenna (EVLA)
instead of circular waveguide (VLA)
Antenna pedestal
Antenna and
evla001015.jpg evla001014.jpg evla001013.jpg
Antenna Fiber Optic System
Antenna cable & fiber wrap
Fiber optics from the EVLA antennas
The Fiber Room - Control Building
Photo Gallery - Page 1
Photos of the EVLA
This page:  Photos of the EVLA array
     Fiber optics and antenna photos       
     Inside the Vertex Room
     EVLA receivers and installing them
Page 2:  Photos of the WIDAR Correlator
Page 3:  Antenna photos
Inside the EVLA Antenna Vertex Room
evla001011.jpg evla001010.jpg
Panoramic View - Left side Vertex Room
L-band receiver & equipment racks
Panoramic View - Right side Vertex Room
Digital samplers, S-band receiver & laptop table
The LO/IF rack (left) and Front End rack (right)
Ladder to receivers in
upper level
Eric C. using the Device Browser to monitor & control the EVLA electronics and run test scripts
Installing an EVLA L-band receiver  
All EVLA receivers are installed in a similar manner
evla001008.jpg evla001007.jpg evla001006.jpg evla001005.jpg evla001004.jpg evla001003.jpg
Raising the L-band receiver into the
antenna with the winch
Lifting 150-pound receiver to mounting
Mounting receiver to feedhorn
Connecting vacuum line and electrical cabling
Connecting liquid helium cryogenic lines
Installed and cooling to 15K for observing
evla001002.jpg evla001002.jpg evla001002.jpg evla001002.jpg evla001001.jpg