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Curriculum Vitae



American Astronomical Society
Zentrum fuer Astronomie der Universitaet Heidelberg
Landessternwarte Heidelberg (LSW)
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Astrophysics Data System


Optical Long-Baseline Interferometry News (OLBIN) Homepage
LSW Extrasolar Planet Research Homepage
Astronomical Optical Interferometric Polarimetry (OIP) Homepage

Amateur Radio:

Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC)
American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

My DL/N3AIU/P log 2006 (operating from Leimen-Gauangelloch)
My DL1NE log 2006-2009 (operating from Leimen-Gauangelloch)
Combined DL/N3AIU/P and DL1NE spreadsheet
Nicholas Elias Nicholas Elias Nicholas Elias

My address:

Dr. Nicholas Elias
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
P.O. Box O
1003 Lopezville Road
Socorro, NM 87801

Voice: +1 575 835 7178 (don't leave voicemail!)
FAX: +1 575 835 7027
E-mail: nelias@nrao.edu

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