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HelpMeFindDotCom, 26,000 and counting Rose Database. Parents, Raisers, Releasers, Year of Registration, Color Classification, Pictures.
Someone once aksed me whether I had any shame for once accepting a gift of friendship
and then, to my greatest shock and amazement, seeing it tttttransformed into The Most Useful Rose Site In The Universe.
The answer is yes and no.
Peonies and Clematis now? that's a good one!!

Astronomy Picture of the Day. Great Site, one of the greatest.
I remember how cool it used to be to put links to cool things, and now I'm wondering what I was thinking.
I mean, what are the odds you're going to click that link?


Inside the VLA, the best view of An Antenna's from An Antenna...

Early March, Steam Coming Off The Rio Grande to the East

Dee Star, aka Lovie...a More Perfect Star you'e not likely to see in this lifetime.
Morrie K, Kinko, Orange Boy, all of those...his bro also has a Kinked Tail

Cooper's Hawk Coming Right Atcha!, Spectacular DiveBomber in Full Tuck...He reminds me so much of those Base Jumpers with their Squirrel Suits who fly down the Sides of Mountains
The 4 Hawk Babies 2011 , July, they all Made It this far, have turned into Hawks
3 Hawk Babies 2011, hangin out waiting for lunch
One of the Coopers Hawks, Chillin right here for awhile...
Fearless but Curious Baby Hawk, July 2011
Awesome Critter in the Pecan Tree right above The Table, July 2011
Another Staredown, July 2011. They grow so fast.
Awesome Critter in the Pecan Tree right above The Table, July 2011
Wishful Thinking, Morrie K and The Birdbath
Bathing Baby Hawk, I fill it up every day
Birdwatching, The Birdbath, July 2011
More Birdwatching...Lovie had things to say about that The Hawk which just flew its perch outside the window
Cooper's Hawk, Such an awesome Critter!
My Fave Baby Hawk Pic, in the Granny Smith Apple Tree
HAWK in the New Nest 40' UP in a cottonwood, 2011
New Nest, Occupied, 31 May 2011
Cooper's Hawk, 2009. Another Good One.

Night Herons............

Night Herons 2011...Two pics in May
Night Heron from about 50 yards in the Dead Russian Olive Perch Tree out in Pat and Billy's field
The 2011 Arrival of the Black Crowned Night Herons
Black Crowned Night Heron
A Pair of Black Crowned Night Herons, late May 2011
Heron Baby 2011, Learning to Fly. There were several this year who made it this far. Godspeed!
Awesome Head Feathers, the Heron on the Right in the Previous Pic
Heron in the Pines at 810 Duggins
Most fascinating critters, these birds
Another Heron Pic
Black Crowned Night Heron
Small Bird DiveBombing the Night Heron...
Night Heron and Hummingbird...
Night Heron in Flight...
Night Heron Friend
Night Heron Friend #2...not quite in focus but amazing nonetheless...
Heron and Friend #2...Looking right atcha!
Another Staredown...
The Black Heron Stretch...... These dudes are amazingly big, very long legs.
August 2008, The Return of The Herons
I waited some time for this guy to fly...more on those legs there...
The Sole Survivor from 2008. A Juvenile, Learning To FLY!! .

Pecan Gourmet, this Lucky Woodpecker from March 2011
And the Doves also Luvvvvv the Pecans. No shortage for sure.
A Pair of Young Tanagers from the Kitchen Window
Very Cool TANager!!!

Gone, gone, gone, are Phillip and Aurora. Never to return.
Great!! FanTAStic!!
It makes my heart Soar Like a Hawk

The Spectacular Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron in the Apple Tree, late August. This is the deal with this dude: he stayed in that apple tree, right there, for hours. Then I went out and he was gone. The next morning, right as the sun was coming up, I looked out front, and silhouetted against the risen sun, perched on a dead Peace Rose Cane, was Our Friend. I watched him for several minutes, then all of a sudden he just took off like he'd been flying for years, and with great purpose. He was headed for the tree about a hundred yards SE. The next trees East from this one are the Rio Grande Bosque. That's where he was headed, I know in my heart.
That's where he belongs.

Hoot Owl not howling by my window now...Never seen him (her?) before or since.
Another One From the Pecan Tree. Was just walking out to the barn and looked to the right...I believe this was on the day our kitty Joey died. I'd like to think...

The Fastest Mammal and the VLA.

Naked Ladies, 2008. Awesome.
Dancing Lady, 2008. She worked for Jonnie Mae for years and years, greeted people next to the front porch. She was still hiding in that overgrown bush there when I found her Two Years later. She's dancing for us now. I like her Blue Owl.

BigMetalThing, Hancock. I could write a book on what it took to track Cassiopeia A, but this is just as good as it gets.
A Good Look at a VLA Antenna--not to mention the tornado in the background

A Rose By Any Other Name
Roses For The Red Planet

Powerball Numbers...my ship hasn't come it, don't know about yours. A shamelessly convenient link here.

West View, across the field.
North Road

The Buck and Sandy Lime, May 2011. The Greatest Friends Imaginable.

Gosh. Take me back.
West View North, real north. The 3 hounddogs Quito, Callie, and Jez. And Barb. Jez and Callie have passed to the Great Beyond but Quito's still with us--truly brings tears, this must mean I need Prozac or something.

Colorado Haze, NW view, out the front door. Any questions?
The Pink Bear doesn't really go with the face?
FUNNEL CLOUD ten minutes north of Socorro, 5/28
Rick, my brother-in-law, and his $100,000 Powerball ticket

Reflections of an undying Endless Dream. No fooling, they're there. A New Mexico Immigrunt.

So anybody who's been to this page for the past several years has seen the previous Reflections... link.
The top is Solid Copper. The Reflected Rose was Endless Dream.
My friend made That Table for DazzleBubble, aka DazzleButt, aka Clara Thomson, who Passed Into The Ever Beyond the 31st of August 2003.
A song's playin on the radio right now. Lotsa reflections, all distorted. Yeah, positively.

Last Annotation, First Map. LightYears Ago.

Clara sent me an email June 5, 2003.
The Subject was Last Annotation, First Map. Light Years Ago. It was the last time I heard from her.

Voyager II VoyagerII

The General Sherman Tree in the freezing mist
Twin Tower Sequoias. This has been here for years. It still fits.

nyc 090701. A Friday. Rick's mom took this pic.
her credit.
The Golden Inn. Wildest Place In The West, 1978-1982
Daffodils and TheDitch, Alice liked this one.
The Grape Mainline, a Scary Looking Thing, actually, like a parasite headed up into the Apple Tree
They coexisted for years, until the -14 Temps of Feb 2011 killed it off, which brought out the chainsaw...

Hail Holes in the Olds, Like Cookie Cutters, the Socorro Hailstorm of 2005 Cut Thru the Bumper like Butter
Gary and Ray, The Golden Inn. Totally Typical.
Island In The Stream. Point Three Miles Away.
Baby. Big Bad Wolves ate her bruzzers and sisters.
Far removed from a trailer park, no? The truth is, it's wayfar further from this now. Ancient, Ancient. It's late September and I really should be back in school.
Rio Grande Valley from up on the west mountain slope, the Heights of Lemitar, similar but different from the pic above.
Found Thanksgiving 98, high rolls, nm
A Bunch of Stealths, F-117s
A Zoom on M Mountain with a double-helix cloud
Greylo. Long preceding jlo, ukno?
A Gingerbread Community, Aletha Stephenson, Architect
Spy Pic, October 1996. Cool.

In The Beginning. Almost.. Blows me away just about every time I see it. And a rosy rainbow for The Future.

The VLA and San Hosay. Taken from an interesting angle.
Our Friendly Skies.

Jezebel, one of my most devoted and loyal friends EVer.
A Red Stone. Which Was Found 'In the Mountains'. Please name that stone.
Now the bizarre thing. This Red Stone, , at this bizarre angle, when placed directly on my scanner, could not look more like Barbara as a small child if you commissioned a Scultor to DO it!! I swear!
RC Cyclone, with Chaco and Burt

Wobbly Goblin Blakjet


The following pics just have to be here. I've tried to take them down before, but just can't doit.

Quince!!--that's how it hits me in spring. Everything will be brown and I look over and there's this screaming bright red outa nowhere!! Love it!
The Pussy Willow and The Forthythia , a gigantic file to gd load, but I like this pic, couldn't chop any of it!!

Socorro Volcano? --M Mountain
M Mountain, a little different.
St. Johns Wort. St. Johnswort. Wicked flowers. The big leaves at the top are its own--lotsa other crap in this pic!! really. The potentilla leaves on the left--another rose cousin--threw me for a second. The purple is larkspur. heheh.
Artichoke and Bumblebee
RedRum, absolutely the reddest spring bush.
Anbody know what it is?
Spring Blooming Buddleia, it actually has a name.
Grew a lot since this pic, next year's going to be outstanding. (Written some years ago now...the latter statement's still true.)
I will finally update this pic in 2007!!
Consider it Updated now...it's 2007. It's grown some.
The Cactus was missing for awhile. It has to be here.
This plant was on somebody's porch on my way to work. I stopped my truck and ran up to the front door and...SNAP!

The Larkspur, More Than 4 years ago. So blue the blues.
Pudd and Friend
Comet Hale-Bopp from the roof
Eclipse. Great Colors.
Another. Eclipse.
Socorro, the sign. Nothing about Socorro says 1598 except this sign.

Burt, Chaco, and the Pussy Willow. And of course, the forsythia.
Firtht things First! The Forthythia, 2003.
Carrizozo, NM, off in the distance, on the left. Those are the Sacramento Mtns, Sierra Blanca, yeah. The highway drops off into the Valley of Fires directly in front. Check your map. heheh.

Ralph Moore The Great. I think it was 1994 --on Mother's Day--when I took this pic. Although Sequoia Nursery was closed, the doors weren't locked and a young man was watering the roses. Being too shy myself to ask if Mr. Moore was around, my sister Mary Jane certainly wasn't, whereupon, to my Great Shock and Surprise, this young person said that he was, and that he would go get him. I was practically speechless when Ralph Moore showed up and spent about an hour showing us around all his Roses--those for sale, as well as all his latest Hybrids growing in common flats in rather small and very hot greenhouses. It was a day I shall never forget--practically Surreal--and Nothing like I ever imagined, having been ordering Roses from Sequoia Nursery for a few years prior. He was such a cheerful Man, and seemed a bit bemused by my enthusiasm and my attempts to explain The Virtual Rose Society (I was wearing our VRS T-Shirt at the time), which was what the "participants" of the Usenet Newsgroup Rec.Gardens.Roses used to call ourselves. I could have stayed much longer, of course, but I didn't want to keep him too long, and my sisters were wanting to see the Giant Redwoods before it got dark, so we bade adieu and left with our armloads of Ralph Moore Roses and A Memory I'll always cherish, to be sure.
And since I pretty much dropped off the Rose Radar around the turn of the Century, I just had No Idea that this Great Man had passed into the Great Beyond on 14 Sep 2009.
It was with Great Sadness--practically disbelief--when I learned this on 9 Jun 2011. Ralph Moore seemed larger than Life. Truly Timeless. Roses To You, Mr. Moore.

Eight Lasers
Worthless Relic, but Brother Rickinlaw and the Rio Grande and Eastern hills and Los Montanos beyond...
It's winter here, you see?

Hermann Goering's Reichsmarshall's Dagger, , this is the real thing, or what remains of it largely. The biggest stones aren't in this pic. My pa confiscated this weapon outa Goering's wife's panties drawer in 1945. This is the most sought after edged weapon of Nazi Germany, bar none.

The Crossed Batons, unquestionably Goering's.
Lieutenant Stephenson, Major Talbott, et al, Germany 1945, IDs at bottom of picture...
Lieutenant General Orwin C. Talbott, Battalion CO, in France c1995

Mid December 2004. New Development. Fire Sale. This Thing's Movin, One Way or the other...

Arrow Points, Spear Points, etc. All came from the Sacramentos, generally behind Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Baby Hawk 2010, one of 2. We heard them when they were tiny, then didn't hear them for many weeks...
their nest is in one of the pine trees along our driveway. Usually the hawks get the nest in early spring, but crows and even Black Crowned Night Herons
have before claimed it. ID'ed as a Cooper's Hawk.
The Two Baby Hawks Before Sunrise...you take what you can get
One of The Babies 2010, already flying Good, both, though both still Jumping Around in The Forest...

The Cleveland Indians. kinda suck. heheh.
On The Trail of R. Stellata. This wouldn't be the home of Mirifica, but on the slopes of these arid juts and peaks lie one of its brother/cousins. This is just north of Las Cruces, right off I-25.
What are they going to do, shoot you?
If you go in, I mean?

moviestar, what it is, maaaaan!

Nedzham Stephenson, the Equine Member of the Family

Our 3 Kids and Morrie K--Popeye [front], Lovie, Tiggie [Tabbie], and Morrie K, Orange Boy

Buck Bryan and his NM Flag. Custom.
Buck Bryan at The Socorro Springs
We Ride!!. I think she's got the hand right. My partner Barbara Ellen.

2011 Roses. Yeah right. Still here, tho. Yep.

Trumpeter, I guess I'll restart 2011 with this one, which is from 2007, but since one of my faves in The Universe has gone to the Great Sky Garden, I thought it appropriate to show it a last time...
Iceberg. The -14 Temps of Feb 2011 took its toll but gave us this one...
Nicole, I just don't know how a rose could be more beautiful, honestly. Awesome output this year.
Nicole another.
Floradora, the Historic Orange-Red Rose responsible for All Those Roses In This Shade, that's a fact! Finally an Honest Pic, after years of disappointment...
Yolande d'Aragon The prettiest rose this unit's ever put out...since the -14 temps almost kilt it off entirely, all its energy was put into this rose...
Mitsouko, A Japanese seedling of Peace
Showbiz, This little rose somehow cranks out the reddest reds imaginable year in, year out. How it does it is hard to say...
Sexy Rexy, Knockdown Shockdown, maybe not from its overwhelming beauty, but just the fact that there it WAS, still alive, still blooming!!! !! A Sam McGredy IV Rose
Sharon's Delight, a Ralph Moore shrub creation and often called the miniature Sally Holmes
Lynn Anderson, Died to the ground with the February Temps of -14, then popped about 5 New Basals and put out this one...
Voodoo...No small miracle that Voodoo experienced Resurrection. 'Completely gone' 2 years ago.
Rosa......must consult my map, can nevah remember this gift rose from Kim Rupert. Impervious to extremes, Grey-Green foliage, rather large white blooms
Rosa......Up close on the previously described Kim Rupert Rose
Rosa......Another Kim Rupert Rose, lives right next to the Previously described Rose but Waaaay Different. Refuses to get higher than 4 inches tall and never wider than a 4-inch pot. The most amazing thing is that it's spreading, which you can see to the NW in this pic...Mind you This Rose is over 10 years old...
Rosa Alba Semiplena, this year's Rendition of The Giant
Leda...The Damask Rose which I do believe will Long Outlive me. Mucho stoloniferouso, right down into the Rio Grande Irrigation Ditch, which parallels
Trier..A single flower from among thousands. The -14 Temps didn't do it any good--looks a little sickly this year-- but this giant will recover, I'm certain
Trier...showing a little dieback, which was evidence of its Distaste for the Absurd Temps from Feb 2011
Paris d'Yves St. Laurent 2011...still doing it
Variegata di Bologna...I can remember a time when my comments about the Original Striper weren't so glowing, but today I have nothing but True Admiration
Soleil d'Or...a bud of The Real Deal. Primrose yellow when opened up
Geranium...A Hybrid Moyesii Half-Brother of Nevada. A Huuge Thing which I let go where it wants
Opening Night, from 2009. The -14 Temps of 2011 Kilt this one to the Ground although it's now growing like never before, a strange phenomenon
Pink Meidiland, one rooted by The Donald long ago
Scarlet Meidiland, The Red Creeper Rose, maybe you might call it a Ground Cover Rose. A Vicious Unit, No Dieback EVer, EVen in -14 Temps
Anytime, Dripping Red in the Bud, Sam McGredy's Recommendation was to cross your Favorite Floribunda with this Unit. Hence my purchase years back...
I've never actually done it, btw...

Priscilla Burton 2010, garishly red here. The -14 Temps didn't quite kill it, so I might see it again...
Heirloom, this one was from Oct 09, before of since like this, never
Paul McCartney, tremendously fragrant, huge, -14 Hardy. For me, very elusive, the color most times a lie...
Girl Scout, 21 Dec 2009
Nicole in 2009. It's now 2011 and it's never stopped doing this...
General McArthur, the climber...Fashion is the much smaller rose to the right. Years and years they've grown together.
Rose Great Scott, Sport of Cleo.
Rock 'n Roll, a Carruth rose, now evidently reclassified, came out a decade ago, now gaining prominence.
Blaze, or should I say Blazes? Once again you can see there were originally two plants. Sad in a way...
Eye Paint. Years ago, this was the first rose I ever moved from its original location. Found its stride here.
Jonnie Mae and behind, Paris d'Yves St. Laurent, the rose which still hangs in. Jonnie's a transplant from High Rolls, NM.
How Bizarre!!, I hadn't figured out what these were, but Peter Harris informed me
that these spiked balls growing out of the ends of the leaves of this wild rose are malformations caused by the
rose wasp. That the rose could do this in reaction to an attack heaps amazement upon amazement, ime.
The wasp larvae are inside the balls.
Olympiad 2008, one of my most memorable Olympiad ever.
Soleil d'Or 2008...kinda twisted and tortured by the late freeze, but there you go. Still here.
Yves Piaget, 22/11/07, Impossibly Thanksgiving!!
Cl. Rainbows End, Eye Paint, Sparrieshoop, many others...
6-Petalled Mme. Caroline Testout. SHOCKing and Beautiful. Usually Very Double, and waaay different.
Mercedes Gallart, possibly the most shocking rose of 2007, if just by its presence. A
------------------Certain Testament to the Toughness, Tenacity, and just plain Awesome Beauty of The Rose. If I were not so certain
------------------I'd kill it if I moved it, I'd move it. I may yet move it, I have an excellent Success Rate at that. Lots of Experience.
Girl Scout, yeah, still rather small, a little shy, it just never changes.
Pharoah's the Killer Here,, but one might even see Floradora...
Strawberry Ice. Yeow. I think I'm going to Dairy Queen.
Eclipse. This one's got a certain Wow factor to it. Extraordinary for This Unit.
L'Aimant...you ain't ever seen dis one, any amount...
Pointed Pauls...Paul McCartney. Buds are unreal.
Miss Flippens, yeah, well these are just about perfect...
International Herald Tribune, Many Shades of Purple, Among them Grape Juice. I think it's gotta Hansa...
Ena Harkness, another Rare-O Unit, I call this one Powdered Sugar, for obvious raisins.
Alain Blanchard, a small yet beguiling pic ture.
Five of Hearts. 1998, a Petrose Rose. 10 years this year.
Light Queen Lucia, or if you prefer Lichtkonigen Lucia 2006. Killer.
Respectably Yours, Iceberg.
Cl. Talisman, Iceberg, and the Gentle Quito!!. I love them all.
Iceberg, Nevada, Cl. Talisman..., and Quito. Show How Big Berg.
Cl. Talisman, such a great rose over the years. 20+.
Cl. Rainbows End and Five of Hearts, the diminutive Red Single
Pearl Meidilland and Trier, and even a skying Summer Sunshine. The Top of The Season.
Trier and Alba Semi Plena, l and r, and Paul McCartney, the pink one
Pearl Meidilland, TRIER and Paqarette the Polyantha in the bottom right corner of this pic
Paul McCartney, Burt, and Quito. Home Sweet.
Rare Leda, Splashing All Kinds of Color
Savannah. Moved this beautiful thing last year. Where did I put it?
The Yeoman. Still Lives in Socorro. Had this rose since a little after Day 1. Like Forever.
Pharaoh. Do you have a clue what this rose looks like, honestly?
Pharaohs 3. Yowza.
Raspberry Ice...don't know if people think this is Nicole or Hannah Gordon, don't care...KOR___
Strawberry Ice. Ooooooooo. The Donald Ballin budded this rose.
Opening Night. Or is it Opening Nights? It's UNreal, that's what it is.
Opening Nights. Night, Nights, whatever, this guy is red.
Alain Blanchard, it will come to me the classificiation of this Rose...getting old. me.
Felicite Parmentier, quite overpowered, almost lost, amidst the Trier man.
Strawberry Ice,, End of September. 2006. Another one which started life with Donald Ballin.
Rock 'n Robin, still Rockin. It's been Rockin al Long Time.
Sunsprite. A Rebirth of Sorts. Buck and Sandy, thanks!
Gemini...gettin real cold, trying to lean somewhere...
Gold Medal. Life wouldn't be the same without this rose. Lots of things have changed.
Olympiad and Variegata di Bologna (The VDB Rose). They've spent many years together. Many.
Mitsouko, A Comparatively Ancient and Rare Japanese Offspring of Peace. Timeless, Bulletproof.
Mitsouko. And Often Really Beautiful.
TwinTower 2007...there used to be two of them. Lonnngg before this became a Guarded Concept...
------------------They would sky together, then both died to the ground. This one returned.
Anytime. "Just take your favorite floribunda and cross it with this rose..."-- Sam McGredy
The Spring-Blooming Buddleia and Jeanne Lajoie (behind), and the Colonizing JsNowicki
The Once Bloomers doing their Once Blooming. Fritz Nobis, Alba Semi-Plena, R. Arkansana, et al
General Macarthur with a Fashion Splash. The shade did some strange things to Color General--
------------------it's way redder than that, but I just had to show Alice this Rose. She started it. A vicious, vicious Rose. You can just
------------------see the AZ Ash to the right. It's been an epic battle. If I hadn't unknowingly planted it on the same day Jon Kirst died,
------------------I woulda whacked it long ago. That was 1994. It's no smaller now than when it had full sun. Incidentally. Incredibly.
Sharon's Delight, Fall 2007. I'd thot it done for the year. Made me smile, I remember. The Mini Sally Shwub.
Petrose...should be proud. Katherine Zeimet, the Polyantha. One he left me 10 years ago.
Bonica Reborn, April 2007. Buck and Sandy came down, Buck Aced the Cottonwood. Which see.
A Lotta Shades of Piaget, that's what I'd say...
Frau Dagmar Hartopp. As ever. With the candy stick buds.
The Rio G Rose and Yolande de Aragon are basically the left and right of tihis pic, but an unlikely
------------------Henry Martin in between them is actually skying some blooms. Yolande's a way-later bloomer.
The Rio and Henry and Yolande and even Pink Meidelland...
Katherine Zeimet, another of the little fool. Light and Season, there's your color.
Another Rio Grande Valley Colonizer, this one found by J Nowicki. I'm not exactly certain whether
------------------this one is colonizing by root or by seed, but it's not wildly rampant like the maniacal R. Arkansana.
Cl McGredy's Sunset, doing whatever it wants to do. Probably forever.
Nevada. It may be hard to believe after all these years, but...there you are.
Billowy Nevada. The White Rose in a class of its own.
ROSA FOETIDA 2007!!!. Utterly shocking. Disappeared several years ago, the Huey u see grew
------------------in its wake. I don't understand, Master. I hope to see it in 2008. Obviously.
R. Foetida, Reprise. The Real Deal.
Fritz Nobis. Had plans for this rose, and it's exceeded all expectations.
And Fritz again. Every year it grows and becomes more of what it's supposed to be.
Gypsy Dancer, that's what I remember. Love this rose,
------------------it's been growing bout a dozen years, always this size, blooms great, then rests a long time in the Shade. Tough as Nails.
Sally Holmes, have always loved Sally. And the Red Mistake at the other end.
Calico, transplanted at the very last possible moment to rose heaven...surviving, thriving.
Leda, 2006, Elevation 1 Inch.. I could write a book on this rose. Maybe I will.
Paris d'Yves St. Laurent. Nothing's perfect.
CanaryBird. Amidst the awakening Thicket. April 6 Roses.
Kazanlik, Triginitipetala. It's move time for this guy. Like so many others.
Hurdy Coaster 2006. The grass grows 5 times as tall as the rose. After 15 years, it still doesn't care.
Galaxy, Glowing Candy Apple Red, and a scar from the baseball hail of October 5, 2004.
Harlekin, the climbing rose. Roses seem to give you their best, right before they leave.
They let you know that this is what you're going to be missing when I check out.

Mr. Lincoln. The Red Rose. And this one particularly so.
Leda Colony, it's very cool what this rose has done to adapt to the obvious.
Trumpeter, still and always the Supreme Red Orange Blast
Winter Magic, it's almost lavender and sometimes somewhat tan. "The color of death."
Winter Magic, maybe a more traditional view. Like I said, almost lav.
Every Pixel Tells a Story, Iceberg and many things. Many Final Warnings.
Fritz Nobis. I putfritz where he is to do a job, and there is no instant gratification with a rose.
Oeillet Flamand, one of the rare SPOTTED roses of the euniverse.
When Blaze was a babe. And Mirandy and Cl. Peace. This view far from exists anymore. I kinda miss it, I kinda don't. This musta been 87 or 88. The roses have grown up. Adopted children.

For the SKeptical. Peace.

Another ScarleMo, no MiniMoss comes close..........
New Year. Maybe it's easy to see how endearing this thing can be, maybe it's not.
Ragged Robin and D O G , taken by my hero, Kernel Melville Hulse.
Such a great pic, I'm ripping it here, guess I'll have to ask im. I don't know about that email addy of his though.
Hulse dot Name?
Kolor 02
Cl. Talisman and Trigintipetala, or Kazanlik. The venerable ones.
Persian Yeller, 2002 Edition.
Spring Colors in Socorro
Mme. Caroline Testout, finally.
BlowMeAway Bicolor, *totally. Half-red, Half-yellllow!
Callllllico!!!!!!!! for the warrinerds. back at ya.
Callie Color and Nevada, etc.
Priscilla Burton and Burt, easy to tell who is which
Kazanlik. Kazan like.
Purest Monica--why would I have taken this down? Because it croaked, what? Noway. There were two from Cafe Ole', Chola the other. Burt kilt Chola. Chola, my first seedling. It was quite shocking.
Austrian Copper with Stripe, I have to do it.
Dr. Brownell, extremely tough, vigorous, resistant, and floriferous!! no lie
I heart Tamora, hahaha
Yowza Calico!
2 Priscilla Burtons, a couple days apart
hahaha, Harry9, you gotta love Mr. Wheatcroft
Rosa Foetida with lotsa red, usually does this right at the end of its bloom cycle, starts throwing these. Not every year...
Unknown Red Rose , the rose that got me into growing roses. please lord, kill me now.
Royal William, Kordes, 1984

If you feel you absolutely must spray your roses, check this out first. Absolutely!


Different Stuff, yeah...



cars. good one.





Tan, Brown, Whatever

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C Colors, only C

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I could quite possibly be related to Bill Hillman.

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Baldo's Bugs 'n Roses Page, Bugman.
The biological control agent. BigTime RoseGuy, he definitely qualifies.

Guido's Page, yeah, Guido. He took his finger outa the dike long enough to do this page.
and I think he's ignoring me lately. heheh...

Joel's page is now gone (but his RoseFinder site is still definitely up), P in Pink's Page is gone, and Graham's Paradise Garden has vanished. This is the way Life is.

bcd's Home Page--there he is! Brent C. Dickerson, author of The Old Rose Advisor, second edition real close now.

Cass Bernstein's Garden With Roses--Tons O Roses, and Hudson and Layla and Orbit.

Thomas Wang and his Photo Garden Page. The Wangman.

rec.gardens.roses, 'gone like yesterday, gone like a 59 Cadillac, gone like a soldier in the Civil War bang-bang...'

New Zealand Gardens Online, Gardens, Roses, New Zealand Stuff, RoseCentralPicRepository soon!!!

Paul Barden's Rose Page, nice pics of his RoseCreations and more. I once saw Radika just pass out--faint--online--when she saw this site.

Belmont Hills Farm for Homeless Worms and Cats, Susanne's place, she's into Roses now, I think she's hooked. Entertaining place.

Jack E. Christensen's Home Page--hybridizer of Gold Medal, Brandy, Crystalline and manymany more fine roses. Lotsa tonsa stuff here.

The Home Page of Jan Spek Rozen from Holland, a most interesting page.

Barbara Peterson, yeah, she's got some roses there.

Roses in Houston by Donald Burger Roses here.

Freeze-Dried Roses! Strikes me as cool. Flying B Bar Ranch - Freeze Dried Roses

The Rosarian, a Rose Stuff Site, good reads. Very Cool Pics of Roses in Literature, Roses in Art, and etc.

Setoh's Rose Page. It's in Japanese, if this matters. Cats too!!

The Rose FAQ, and many other rose links by Bill Nettles, nuclear physicist and rosarian.

Moosey's Country Garden. Wild Site from New Zealand. Great Stuff!

This one's great. I like the Blooming Rose, mainly. heheh. It's a Valentine Site. Clearly.

Ok. Paint Your Own Rose. No kidding. Way Different!

Lava Roses. Awesome!

Gypsum Roses, to add to the Lava Roses and Astronomic Roses.
Or the Sand Roses, these are in my eclection

Gold and Silver Roses, Chocolate Roses, Crystal Roses, Paper Roses
heheh, I wish someone would give ME some of this stuff (I could do without the bath stuff), but if you're female, maybe you want to show your gorilla or your significant other this site.

Roger's Roses. Now THIS is a concept for ya: ShareWare Roses.
More Power to ya, Bro!! hahahaha

The All American Rose Selections Home Page

Peau Douce

A Vase of Red Roses, a thought provoking page, I wonder about Mandy.

But Mandy's gone, don't go there.

Socorro night

Socorro Night

This mail addy's good to go...

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