Astronomy Sites on the Web: A Sampling for the General Public

Asterices (***) indicate some of the most impressive sites.

Lists of Astronomy Sites

...a comprehensive list of astronomical sites on the Web, sorted by topics and searchable. Includes observatories, professional journals, amateur organizations, educational resources, pretty images -- you name it! Highly recommended.

Astronomical Images

Educational Links

***Sonoma State University Complilation of Educational Links
...the best set of educational links I've seen, from kindergarden through college.
Royal Greenwich Observatory Leaflet Series
...short, introductory pages from one of England's national observatories
Radio Astronomy Fundamentals
...a short introduction to radio astronomy, including history, explanation, and images.
Virtual Radio Interferometer
...a virtual radio interferometer -- see how the VLA works! Brought to us by some enterprising chaps in Australia.

NASA Sites

NASA has some of the nicest sites in the business. Here's a small selection.
NASA Home Page
***Hubble Space Telescope
...need I say more?
Mars Pathfinder
The Shuttle Home Page
...look here to find out what's going on up there

Free Programs to Run on Your PC

...some wonderful freeware from John Walker. Includes homeplanet (a very nice planetarium program for Windows), skyscrsv (a screen saver for Windows), solar (an interactive orrery), yoursky (Web-based planetarium), and more.

Professional Utilities

These sites are the ones I use all the time, and are intended primarily for professional astronomers. On the off chance you wish to dive into the professional literature, these are good places to start -- and all are free and open to the public!
The NASA Extragalactic Database
...type in the name of your favorite galaxy (or its coordinates), and get a list of all the related journal articles, catalog entries, magnitude estimates, etc.; as well as the best available position, and an optical finding chart. NASA does it again!
Astronomical Data Center easy way to access computer-readable versions (often simple text) of an amazing number of astronomical catalogs.
Astrophysics Data System the astronomical literature without pawing through all those musty journals. Want to see what that scientist you saw on CNN has been doing? Type in her name and off you go!

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