American Astronomical Society Meeting in Chicago

The NRAO is hosting a topical session  on June 2, 1999, at this
meeting of the AAS

The purpose of this session is to make the capabilities of the
Very Long Basline Array ( VLBA ) more widely known and to encourage
investigators from diverse specialties to use the VLBA as a means of advancing
knowledge in their fields.  A series of invited speakers,  including graduate students
and postdoctoral fellows, will give talks on their science using the VLBA, emphasizing
their experience in scheduling, observing, and data reduction.

Morning Session

Capabilities of the Very Long Baseline  Array     ------    Jim Ulvestad, NRAO
Black Holes Using Water Megamasers                ------    Jim Herrnstein, NRAO
High-Frequency VLBA Polarimetry of Blazars ------   Alan Marscher, Boston University
The Central Engines of Radio Quiet Quasars      ------   Katherine Blundell, Oxford University
Milli Arcsecond Imaging of Seyferts                       ------   Carole Mundell, Univ. Maryland
Question/Answer Session, Discussion                       ------  Mark Claussen, NRAO

Afternoon Session

Using the Very Long Baseline Array                     ------   Joan Wrobel, NRAO
The Expansion of Supernova 1993J                       ------   Norbert Bartel, York University
Small Scale Structure in Galactic HI                     ------   Michael Faison, Univ. Wisconsin
Ionospheric Corrections for Phase Referenced
     VLBI Using the NRAO VLBA                             ------   Walter Brisken, Princeton University
A Review of VLBI Studies of Circumstellar
    Envelopes                                                                     ------   Philip Diamond, MERLIN
Question/Answer Session, Discussion                      ------   Anthony Beasley, NRAO

Poster Titles

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