Old Control Room

...and now.

_February 9, 1999, 6:00 a.m. - After more than a year of planning and months of preparation, the VLA Control Room was emptied of its interim jumble of tables and terminals, clearing the way for crews from Goodman's of Albuquerque to begin installation of our all-new Control Room facilities. More than a facelift, this complete renovation should be seen as an infrastructure improvement in anticipation of the VLA Upgrade.

Meanwhile, the results:

Central Area:


The central operations area was increased by several feet, and the central island removed. The essential functional layout was preserved but improved, moving all communications and displays in front of the operators within easy reach.

Operators' & Observers' Areas:


The operators' bullpen provides an open workspace along with personal storage spaces, a move away from the cubicle culture of partitions and desks.The visiting observers' (Miranda's) area is a quiet corner for the serious astronomer to contemplate the wisdom of his/her project.

Features & Furnishings:


Modular panel and shelf construction, including integrated power strips, provide the capacity and versatility to change and grow with future needs. Customized electronics racks are the new homes of equipment formerly housed in the central island.


The Aeron chairs, coveted by all who see and sit in them. The new kitchen was completed in the Fall of 1998 and has already been the scene of many fine communal meals on weekly maintenance days, courtesy of David L. Vanhorn, esq., chief cook and bottle-washer. (Special thanks to Charlie Chavez and his crew for this quality job!)


...wouldn't recognize the place!