Software written and or modified by me
netg A C program for expanding NIS netgroups in a hunam readable form.
gutinteg Auto installation of OS and Packages under Linux/Sunos/Solares/Win95
late_books Generate a list of overdue books from an Ingres database using EQUEL/C.
getdisk Shell script for copying floppy images to a floppy.
modem_tweak Perl program for changing settings on Cicso AS5100 modem servers
putdisk GUI shell script to make floppy images and store them in a filestructured database.
makedisk GUI shell script to make floppies from images in a filestructured database.
instuser Win95/NT login script to set roaming profiles or reboot into linux.
triage Scripts to check status of computers and logfiles every morning.
make_thumbs Shell script to make thumbnail images for web pages.

K. Scott Rowe