• Ph.D Thesis
Title: ``Dwarf Galaxies: The ISM--IGM Connection'",
September 2002, University of Bonn, Germany, grade: sehr gut (magna cum laude), Supervisors: Prof. U. Klein (Bonn) and Prof. E. Brinks (University of  Hertfordshire, UK)

German Diplom in Physics (equiv. M.Sc.)
Title of Master Thesis: ``Steps toward the Lower Mass Range: The Dwarf Irregular Galaxies Holmberg I, Sextans A, and M81 dwarf A'',
1999, University of Bonn, Germany, grade: sehr gut (A), Supervisors: Dr. U. Klein (Bonn) and Dr. U. Mebold (Bonn)

German Vordiplom (similar to BSc), Physics,
Department of Physics, University of Heidelberg, Germany (December 1994), grade: gut (B)

Grammar school (Abitur), majors: Physics & Mathematics,
Gymnasium Ulm--Wiblingen, Germany (June 1991), grade: 1.5/1.0

Work Experience

2010-present: CASA Project Scientist

2009-present: Assistant Scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), Socorro, NM, USA

2007-2008 Jansky Postdoctoral Fellowship at the California Institue of Technology, Pasadena, CA, USA

2006-2007 Jansky Postdoctoral Fellowship at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) Charlottesville, VA, USA

2002-2006 Bolton Postdoctoral Fellowship at the CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility, Epping, NSW, Australia

Mopra Scientist (February 2005 - January 2006)

Assistant to the Coordinator of the graduate school ``The Magellanic Clouds and Other Dwarf Galaxies'',

Civil Service at the German Red Cross in Ulm, Germany, 1991-1992

Fields of Astrophysical Interest

Multi-wavelength analysis of star formation processes in dwarf and massive starburst galaxies (radio, mm, NIR, optical, X-ray)

Molecular cloud formation, stability, chemistry and physics in extreme environments

Evolution and dynamics of galaxies

The Galactic Center

Technical aspects of radio interferometry with focus on millimeter wavelengths

Advanced Schools

Bonn, Germany, 2002, Outreach Workshop (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)

Greenbelt, MD, 2001,  ``X-ray Astronomy School'' (NASA)

Socorro, NM, 2000, ``The VLA Summer School on Interferometry'' (NRAO)


German (native)

English (fluent)

French (basics)

Observing Experience

Radio Interferometers: EVLA, ATCA, VLA, OVRO, CARMA

Single Dish Radio Telescopes: GBT, Effelsberg, IRAM 30m, HHT, KOSMA, Mopra, Parkes

Optical/NIR Telescopes: Calar Alto, San Pedro Martir, Hoher List

X-ray Observatories: Chandra, ROSAT

Technical Projects

CASA Project Scientist

Part of the EVLA commissioning team (leading spectral line and mosaicing groups)

Part of the CARMA commissioning team
Science Case for a 3mm focal plane heterodyne array at the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope, April 2007

Project Scientist Single Dish On--the--Fly mapping and On--the--Fly Interferometry with the ATCA, 2006

Part of the team to commission the 3\,mm MMIC receiver at Mopra, the Mopra Spectrometer (MOPS), and the Linux--based Mopra observing software, 2005  

Project Scientist for new 16 MHz filters at the ATCA (2005)

Computing Experience

Operating systems/Programming/Applications: Linux, Solaris, Windows, Perl, CGI, Shell Scripting, Latex, Power Point, Gnuplot, Gimp, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Photo Paint, KSpread, Mupad

Astronomical software packages: CASA, Miriad, Ciao, Aips, Iraf, Gipsy, Gildas, Karma, ASAP, Livedata, Gridzilla, GBTIDL

Meetings Organized

SOC member of the conference ``Galaxies in the Local Volume'' Sydney, Australia, July 2007

LOC member of the conference ``Future Directions for Millimetre Astronomy in the Southern Hemisphere'' Sydney, Australia, March 2006

Mopra Induction Weekend, Coonabarabran, Australia 2005

AAO/ATNF Joint Symposium, Sydney, Australia 2004

2 ATNF Astrofests, Sydney, Australia 2003/2004

several Graduate School meetings and Graduate School Journal Club, Bonn, Germany 1997-2002

Facility Support

NRAO Socorro colloquium co-organizer

• NRAO helpdesk user support

CARMA pool observer 2007-present

ATCA Duty Astronomer Roster organization 2002-2006

Mopra Scientist 2005-2006

Regular Duty Astronomer support for the ATCA 2002-2008

ATCA On-call support

Supervising/Teaching Experience

Advisor to Steven Warren's PhD ``VLA-ANGST survey: Gas Properties and Stellar Feedback" (University of Minnesota, commenced 2008, main supervisor: Evan Skillman).

Advisor to Adrienne Stilp's PhD ``VLA-ANGST survey: Modelling of Star Formation Triggering Mechanisms" (University of Washington, commenced 2008, main supervisor: Julianne Dalcanton).

Co-advisor of Annie Hughes's PhD thesis ``Molecular Gas in the Interstellar Medium of the Large Magellanic Cloud'' (Centre of Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia, commenced 2005).

Co-advisor of Antoine Bouchard's PhD thesis ``The Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies in Nearby Groups''
(Research School for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, commenced in 2003).

Supervision of NRAO REU summer Student Sarah Wyss on ``The CO Isotope Ratio of the Large Magellanic Cloud'' (Summer 2010). Sarah is now at the University of Ohio.

Supervision of ATNF Vacation Student Joris Verbiest on ``Sweeping Away a Dwarf: Gas Removal in UGCA 438'' (Summer 2004/05). Joris is now a PhD student at the Centre of Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

Supervision of ATNF Vacation Student Cliff Senkbeil on ``X-ray Shadowing within the Massive Starburst Galaxy NGC 253'' (Summer 2003/04) Cliff is now a PhD student at the Faculty of Science, Engineering, \& Technology, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia.

Lecture at NRAO Synthesis School 2010

Lecture at the ATNF Synthesis School 2003 and 2006

Lecture at Harley Wood Winter School 2005


Award of a Jansky Fellowship at teh National Radio Astronomy Observatory (Charlottesville, VA, USA) and the Caltech Institute of Technology  (Pasadena, CA, USA) 2006

• Award of a ALMA/ESO Fellowship at the European Southern Observatory (Garching, Germany) - declined

CSIRO Merit Promotion 2005

Award of a Bolton Fellowship at the CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility, 2002-2005

Award of a PhD fellowship in the framework of the graduate school
``The Magellanic Clouds and Other Dwarf Galaxies'' by the German Science Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), 1999-2002

Committee Memberships

• ATNF Time Allocation Committee Reader (2008-present)

NRAO Decadal Survey working group (2008)

CARMA Time Assignment Committee (2008)

ANU MSSSO RSAA Time Assignment Committee (2004-2006)

Australia Telescope User's Committee (ATUC; 2004-2006)

Professional Memberships

American Astronomical Society (AAS)

• International Astronomical Union (IAU/UAI)

German Physical Society (DPG)

Long Term Visits to Other Institutes

Four visits (about eight weeks in total) to Caltech, CA (2000-2001) - Collaboration with Drs. F. Walter, C. Martin, & S. D. Van Dyk

Three weeks at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico (2000) - Collaboration with Prof. Dr. E. Brinks

Comminucation Skills/Hobbies

Motorcycling, outdoor activities

Playing in several rock bands 1985-1996

Working for environmental development

Participation at contests in the fields of engineering, data processing, and the stock exchange market, 1985-1991