From "Make Friends for Japan", a little booklet they gave out at the airport in Narita:

(I've never been to the airport in Narita, I just saved this from a post made to rec.arts.anime way back in '92.)

Just like the West's preoccupation with astrology, in Japan "blood type-ology" is a popular means for judging a person's character.

Type A "Farmers": Calm, obeys rules, values relationships with others, very sensitive, cautious and careful.

Type O "Warriors": Strong sense of purpose, romantic, influenced by peers, good at organizing activities, very proud.

Type B "Hunters": Does things at his or her own pace, strong personality, optimistic, easy to get along with, adventurous.

Type AB "Humanist": Well aware of his or her surrounding environment, hates the instinctive feelings, critical, never takes things to the limit or to the best of his or her ability, tries to be useful to other people.

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