SiO Maser Sources toward the Sgr B2 Molecular Cloud

Shigetomo Shiki(1), Masatoshi Ohishi(2), and Shuji Deguchi(2)

(1)Department of Astronomy, School of Science, University of Tokyo, Bunkyo, Tokyo 113, Japan
(2) Nobeyama Radio Observatory, National Astronomical Observatory, Minamimaki, Minamisaku, Nagano 384-13, Japan

Paper: to appear in Ap. J. March 20, 1997 issue


We have detected six new SiO maser sources towards the Sgr B2 molecular cloud. One is identified with an OH 1612 MHz maser source which was previously found by the VLA, and another associated with an IRAS source. The other four sources are not associated with any known OH/IR or IRAS sources. The spatial density and the kinematic property for these sources are found to be similar to those of the OH/IR sources near the Galactic center. This fact suggests that they are mostly stellar SiO maser sources in front of (or behind) the Sgr B2 molecular cloud. A possibility of association with young stellar objects, however, cannot completely be ruled out for the one SiO source (17450-2808) which is associated with an IRAS source exhibiting infrared colors of young objects.

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