On a Source of Systematic Error in Absolute Measurement of Galactocentric Distance from Solving for the Stellar Orbit Around Sgr A*

Igor' I. Nikiforov

(1) Sobolev Astronomical Institute, St. Petersburg State University, Universitetskij pr. 28, Staryj Peterhof, St. Petersburg 198504, Russia, nii@astro.spbu.ru

Paper: Dynamics of Galaxies, Proceedings of the

EPrint Server: 0803.0825


Eisenhauer et al. (2003, 2005) derived absolute (geometrical) estimates of the distance to the center of the Galaxy, R0, from the star S2 orbit around Sgr A* on the assumption that the intrinsic velocity of Sgr A* is negligible. This assumption produces the source of systematic error in R0 value owing to a probable motion of Sgr A* relative to the accepted velocity reference system which is arbitrary to some extent. Eisenhauer et al. justify neglecting all three spatial velocity components of Sgr A* mainly by low limits of Sgr A*'s proper motion of 20-60 km/s. In this brief paper, a simple analysis in the context of the Keplerian dynamics was used to demonstrate that neglect of even low (perhaps, formal) radial velocity of Sgr A* leads to a substantial systematic error in R0: the same limits of 20-60 km/s result in R0 errors of 1.3-5.6%, i.e., (0.1-0.45)* (R0/8) kpc, for current S2 velocities. Similar values for Sgr A*'s tangential motion can multiply this systematic error in the case of S2 orbit by factor 1.5-1.9 in the limiting cases.

Preprints available from the authors at nii@dyna.astro.spbu.ru , or the raw TeX (no figures) if you click here.

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