Massive Star Formation in the Galactic Center

D. F. Figer et al.

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA


EPrint Server: 0803.1619


The Galactic center is a hotbed of star formation activity, containing the most massive star formation site and three of the most massive young star clusters in the Galaxy. Given such a rich environment, it contains more stars with initial masses above 100 \Msun than anywhere else in the Galaxy. This review concerns the young stellar population in the Galactic center, as it relates to massive star formation in the region. The sample includes stars in the three massive stellar clusters, the population of younger stars in the present sites of star formation, the stars surrounding the central black hole, and the bulk of the stars in the field population. The fossil record in the Galactic center suggests that the recently formed massive stars there are present-day examples of similar populations that must have been formed through star formation episodes stretching back to the time period when the Galaxy was forming.

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