Unified description of dark matter at the center and in the halo of the Galaxy

Neven Bilic, Gary B. Tupper, and Raoul D. Viollier

Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics,, Department of Physics, University of Cape Town,, Private Bag, Rondebosch 7701, South Africa,

Paper: preprint

EPrint Server: astro-ph/0111366.


We consider a self-gravitating ideal fermion gas at nonzero temperature as a model for the Galactic halo. The Galactic halo of mass 2 * 1012 M_o enclosed within a radius of 200 kpc implies the existence of a supermassive compact dark object at the Galactic center that is in hydrostatic and thermal equilibrium with the halo. The central object has a maximal mass of 2.3 * 106 M_o within a minimal radius of 18 mpc for fermion masses 15 keV.

Preprints available from the authors at viollier@physci.uct.ac.za , or the raw TeX (no figures) if you click here.

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