Millimetre Spectral Line Observations of the Galactic Centre

Aa. Sandqvist

(1) Stockholm Obervatory, S-133 36 Saltsjobaden, Sweden. e-mail:

Paper: to be published in 4th ESO/CTIO Workshop Proceedings on the Galactic Centre (ed. R. Gredel) ASP Conf Proc


We have surveyed the Sgr A region (roughly -12' to +18' in l and -12' to +3' in b), including the Radio Arc, in the 110-GHz lines of C^18O (J=1-0) and HNCO (J_kk'=5_05-4_04) using the SEST. We have observed 554 positions with a grid spacing of 45''. The observational data are presented in form of l-b, l-v and b-v maps, recently published in A &AS 113, 257. Observations of selected regions in the Galactic Centre in the 220-GHz C^18O (J=2-1) line have also begun and the Circumnuclear Disk has been mapped with the SEST in the 268-GHz HCO^+ (J=3-2) line with a grid spacing of 10''. Future mapping programs are being planned in the 119-GHz O_2 line, as well as in submillimetre lines of O_2 (487-GHz) and H_2O (557-GHz), using the 1.1-m Odin satellite telescope, which has a launch date in the fall of 1997. The Odin satellite is a Swedish project in collaboration with Canada, Finland and France.

Preprints available from the authors at , or the raw TeX (no figures) if you click here.

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