Spain Steppes and Pyrenees photos: May 2007

Click on the small picture to see a larger, more detailed version. I toured several regions in Spain in May 2007. This page is devoted the the days in which we travled from Extremadura to the Steppes (May 10), saw the Dupont's Lark and the ruins of Belchite (May 11), birded along the river in Quinto and at Monte Aragon and traveled to the Pyrenees (May 12), saw the Wallcreeper and other high altitude birds (May 13-15), and birded near Loporzano (Josele's home) (May 16-17). The trip was wonderful and was led by Josele Saiz (Boletas Birdwatching Centre, Loporzano Spain, and Jan Hansen (dba Otus Asio Tours Jan leads a variety of trips, all of which I would recommend.

[Alcarria] [Alcarria] [Common Swift]

Lunch at Alcarria: the castle and Common Swift, May 10, 2007.

[Fuenditodas] [Belchite] [Belchite] [Belchite] [Belchite]

Fuenditodas (Goya's birth place) and the ruins of Belchite (destroyed during the Spanish Civil War), May 11, 2007.

[Green Finch] [Black-eared Wheatear]

Green Finch at Belchite and Black-eared Wheatear near Quinto, May 11, 2007.

[House Martin] [Melodious Warbler] [Melodious Warbler] [Blackcap] [Blackcap]

House Martin in town and Melodious Warbler and Blackcap along river, Quinto, May 12, 2007.

[Serin] [Nightingale] [Nightingale] [Great Reed Warbler] [Great Reed Warbler]

Serin, Nightingale, and Great Reed Warbler along river, Quinto, May 12, 2007.

[castle] [castle] [Thekla Lark] [Black Wheatear] [Spectacled warbler]

Castle, Thekla Lark, Black Wheatear, Spectacled Warbler, Monte Aragon, May 12 , 2007.

[Pyrenees] [Pyrenees] [Monasterio] [flower]

Views of the Pyrenees and Monasterio del la Pena and flower, May 12, 2007.

[Eurasian Jay] [Eurasian Jay] [Eurasian Jay] [Chaffinch]

Eurasian Jay bathing and Chaffinch, above Monasterio del la Pena, May 12, 2007.

[Siresa] [Siresa] [Siresa] [Siresa]

Views of Siresa - hotel and church, May 13, May 14, and May 15, 2007

[Blue Tit] [Black Redstart] [Eurasian Magpie] [Blackbird]

Blue Tit and Black Redstart in Siresa, Eurasian Magpie and Common Blackbird near Siresa, May 13, 2007.

[Wallcreeper] [Wallcreeper] [Wallcreeper]

Wallcreeper, Pyrenees near Siresa, May 13, 2007.

[chamois] [flower] [mountains] [Dunnock] [Dunnock]

Camois, flower, scenery, Dunnock, Pyrenees near Siresa, May 13, 2007.

[Chaffinch] [Chaffinch] [Yellowhammer] [Yellowhammer]

Chaffinch and Yellowhammer, Pyrenees near Siresa, May 13, 2007.

[mountains] [mountains] [mountains] [mountains]

Scenery, Pyrenees near Siresa, May 13, 2007.

[Red-backed Shrike] [Red-backed Shrike] [Red Kite] [Red Kite]

Red-backed Shrike near Siresa and Red Kite in Siresa, May 13, 2007.

[Jan and Josele] [Griffon Vulture] [Egyptian Vulture] [Castle] [orchid] [snail]

Jan and Josele, Griffon and Egyptian Vulture, castle, orchid, and snail, May 14, 2007.

[Stonechat] [Cirl Bunting] [Cirl Bunting] [Red-backed Shrike] [Corn Bunting] [Corn Bunting]

Stonechat, Cirl Bunting, Red-backed Shrike, Corn Bunting, May 14, 2007.

[Roller] [Roller] [Roller] [Short-toed Eagle] [mountains]

Roller, Short-toed Eagle, and rainbow, May 14, 2007.

[mountains] [mountains] [mountains]

Scenery at ski area, Pyrenees, May 15, 2007.

[Alpine Chough] [Alpine Chough] [Red-billed Chough] [Red-billed Chough]

Alpine and Red-billed Chough, ski area, Pyrenees, May 15, 2007.

[Water Pippet] [Northern Wheatear] [Linnet] [Rock Thrush] [Rock Thrush]

Water Pippet, Northern Wheatear, Linnet, Rock Thrush, ski area, Pyrenees, May 15, 2007.

[mountains] [poppies] [mountains]

Last look at Pyrenees on way to Loporzano, May 15; road into Josele's house, May 17; Josele at home, May 16, 2007.

[Lammergeier] [Woodchat Shrike] [Woodchat Shrike]

Lammergeier and Woodchat Shrike, near Loporzano, May 16, 2007.

[Flower] [Griffon Vulture] [Egyptian Vulture] [Egyptian Vulture]

Flower, Griffon and Egyptian Vulture, Reservoir, May 16, 2007.

[Honey Buzzard] [Honey Buzzard] [Honey Buzzard] [Honey Buzzard]

Honey Buzzard, Reservoir, May 16, 2007.

[Alkazar] [Alkazar] [Alkazar] [Jan]

Scenes in Alkazar, May 16, 2007.

[Sardinian Warbler] [Golden Oriole] [White Stork] [Hoopoe]

Sardinian Warbler at Loporzano, Golden Oriole, White Stork, Hoopoe on way to Ebro Delta, May 17, 2007.

Eric W. Greisen