Oregon photos: 2004

Click on the small picture to see a larger, more detailed version. I toured Oregon in September 2004. The weather was cloudy and/or rainy a lot, so many of the pictures were of only so-so quality. The trip however was very enjoyable and was led by Jan Hansen (dba Otus Asio Tours otusasiotours@bellsouth.net). Jan leads a variety of trips, all of which I would recommend.

[Ruff] [Ruff] [Ruff] [Sabine's Gull] [Sabine's Gull]

Ruff, Fern Ridge Reservoir, Eugene and Sabine's Gull, Dexter Lake, Dexter, September 10, 2004

[Jan Hansen] [Vaux's Swift] [Vaux's Swift] [Vaux's Swift] [Vaux's Swift]

Jan Hansen and Vaux's Swift, Agate Hall, University of Oregon, Eugene, September 10, 2004

[White-headed Woodpecker] [White-headed Woodpecker] [White-headed Woodpecker]

White-headed Woodpecker, Sisters (left) and Cold Spring Campground, near Sisters, September 11, 2004

[Pygmy Nuthatch] [Red-breasted Nuthatch] [Fox Sparrow] [Fox Sparrow]

Pygmy Nuthatch, Sisters (left) and Red-breasted Nuthatch and Fox Sparrow, Cold Spring Campground, near Sisters, September 11, 2004

[Chukar] [Chukar] [Clark's Nutcracker]

Chukar male and female, Crooked River Canyon, September 12, 2004 and Clark's Nutcracker, Dry River Canyon (both near Bend), September 13, 2004

[Golden-mantled Squirrel] [Black-backed Woodpecker] [Gray Jay] [Gray Jay]

Golden-mantled Squirrel, Black-backed Woodpecker, and Gray Jay, Cascade Lakes, September 13, 2004

[Loggerhead Shrike] [Lava Beds NM] [Mt. Shasta 14162 feet]

Loggerhead Shrike, scenery and Mt. Shasta, Lava Beds National Monument, northern California, September 14, 2004

[Jan Hansen] [Daryl Tessen] [Bonnie] [Dave]

Jan Hansen, Daryl (co-leader), Bonnie, and Dave, Lava Beds National Monument, northern California, September 14, 2004

[Hutton's Vireo] [Townsend's Solitaire] [Red-breasted Sapsucker] [Red-breasted Sapsucker] [Red-breasted Sapsucker]

Hutton's Vireo, Townsend's Solitaire, and Red-breasted Sapsucker, Lava Beds National Monument, northern California, September 14, 2004

[Barn Owl] [lizard] [Petroglyphs] [Petroglyphs]

Barn Owl, lizard, and petroglyphs, Lava Beds National Monument (petroglyphs area), northern California, September 14, 2004

[Great-horned Owl] [American Bittern]

Great-horned Owl and American Bittern, Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, September 14, 2004

[Western Grebe] [Western Grebe] [Western Grebe] [Western Grebe]

Western Grebe, Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, September 14, 2004

[Black-crowned Night Heron] [Lincoln's Sparrow] [American Bittern]

Black-crowned Night Heron, Lincoln's Sparrows, and American Bittern, Wood River Wetlands, September 15, 2004

[Gray Jay] [Gray Jay]

Gray Jay, Crater Lake National Park, September 15, 2004

[White-tailed Kite] [White-tailed Kite] [Lewis' Woodpecker] [California Towhee] [Acorn Woodpecker]

White-tailed Kite and Lewis' Woodpecker at Whetstone Savannah, Medford; California Towhee at Lower Table Rock; Acorn Woodpecker at Tou Velle State Park, September 16, 2004

[Wandering Tattler] [Western Gull] [Western Gull]

Wandering Tattler and Western Gull, Bandon town Jetty, September 16, 2004

[Pacific Ocean] [Pacific Ocean] [Black Oystercatcher] [Chestnut-bcked Chickadee] [Hutton's Vireo]

Pacific Ocean views, Black Oystercatcher, Chestnut-bcked Chickadee, and Hutton's Vireo, Bandon motel and south on coast, September 16, 2004

[Wrentit] [Wrentit] [Wrentit]

Wrentit, Bullard's Beach State Park, September 17, 2004

[Band-tailed Pigeon] [Band-tailed Pigeon] [Band-tailed Pigeon] [Pelagic Cormorant] [Pelagic Cormorant]

Band-tailed Pigeon at Bandon National Wildlife Refoge and Pelagic Cormorant at Bandon Jetty, September 17, 2004

[California Sea Lion] [California Sea Lion]

California Sea Lion, Sempron Reef and Cape Arago Overlooks, September 17, 2004

[Marbled Murrelet] [Heerman's Gull] [Heerman's Gull]

Common Murre (at left) and Marbled Murrelet (right), Heerman's and Western Gulls, Cape Arago Overlook, September 17, 2004

[Bar-tailed Godwit] [American Crow]

Bar-tailed (right?) and Marbled (left?) Godwit and very small Oregon American Crow, South Jetty Road, south of Florence, September 18, 2004

[Glaucous-winged Gull] [Glaucous-winged Gull]

Glaucous-winged Gull, Bob's Creek Rest Stop, Highway 101 south of Newport, September 18, 2004

[Pacific Ocean] [Pacific Ocean] [Pacific Ocean] [Bandon Lighthouse]

Pacific Ocean on the day of the scheduled pelagic trip from our motel, SEptember 18, 2004 and Lighthouse September 19 2004, Bandon.

[American Golden Plover] [American Golden Plover] [American Golden Plover]

American Golden Plover, Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, September 19, 2004

[Towsend's Warbler] [White-crowned Sparrow] [Purple Finch]

Towsend's Warbler, White-crowned Sparrow, and Purple Finch, Bullard's Beach State Park, September 19, 2004

[Swainson's Hawk]

Swainson's Hawk, Eugene Airport area, September 19, 2004

Eric W. Greisen