Souhern California photos

Click on the small picture to see a larger, more detailed version. I toured the Southern California area on a trip led by Jan Hansen (dba Otus Asio Tours Jan leads a variety of trips, all of which I would recommend. The pictures below are in time order. I apologize for the quality of some of them. The time constaints of a relatively short, group tour reduce the opportunities for photography.

I toured on my own for a couple of days in Newport Beach and San Diego in October 2004. I revisited some of the locations from this tour and obtained some more photos which may be of interest.

[Mary] [Alice] [Alice] [Bonnie] [Gerry] [Jerry] [Jim] [Jan]

The group: Mary, Alice twice, Bonnie, Gerry, Jerry, Jim, Jan. I had no pictures of Arthur or me.

[Surfbird] [Spotted Dove]

Surfbird (left) and Spotted Dove, Marina del Rey, September 15, 2000.

[California Gnatcatcher] [California Gnatcatcher]

California Gnatcatcher, Forestal Canyon, Palos Verdes, September 16, 2000.

[Red-necked Phalarope] [Wilson's & Red-necked Phalarope] [Long-billed Curlew]

Red-necked Phalarope (left, center top), Wilson's Phalarope (center bottom) at Bolsa Chica; Long-billed Curlew at Upper Newport Bay, September 16, 2000.

[Sage Sparrow] [California Thrasher]

Belle's Sage Sparrow (left) and California Thrasher, Lake Hodges, San Dieguito State Park, September 17, 2000.

[Yellow-footed Gull] [Yellow-footed Gull] [Yellow-footed Gull]

Yellow-footed Gull, Poe Road, Salton Sea, September 17, 2000.

[Burrowing Owl] [Wood Stork] [Wood Stork]

Burrowing Owl (left), Calipatria, September 17; Wood Stork, Salton Sea, September 18, 2000.

[Anna's Hummingbird] [Western Scrub Jay]

Anna's Hummingbird (left), Western Scrub Jay (coastal form), Big Morengo, September 18, 2000.

[Canyon Wren] [Rock Wren] [Pinon Jay] [Desert Tortoise]

Left to right: Canyon Wren, Rock Wren, Pinon Jay, Desert Tortoise, Joshua Tree National Park, September 19, 2000.

[Pygmy Nuthatch] [Mountain Quail]

Pygmy Nuthatch (left), Mountain Quail, Idyllwild, September 20 and 21, 2000.

[Elegant Tern] [Island Scrub Jay] [Island Scrub Jay] [California Quail]

Elegant Tern (left) at Ventura Harbor; Island Scrub Jay (center) and California Quail (right) on Santa Cruz Island, September 22, 2000.

[Yellow-billed Magpie] [Yellow-billed Magpie]

Yellow-billed Magpie in Santa Ynez Valley, September 23, 2000.

[Lark Sparrow] [Nuttal's Woodpecker] [Nuttal's Woodpecker]

Lark Sparrow (left) and Nuttal's Woodpecker in Santa Ynez Valley, September 23, 2000.

[California Towhee] [Heerman's Gull] [Rock Dove]

California Towhee (left) at Big Sycamore CG and Heerman's Gull and Rock Dove (right) at Point Mugu, September 23, 2000.

Eric W. Greisen