Alaska: Nome

Click on the small picture to see a larger, more detailed version. I toured Alaska, visiting Anchorage, St. Lawrence Island (Gambell), Seward, St. Paul Island, Nome, and the Denali area. The trip was led by Jan Hansen (dba Otus Asio Tours He leads a variety of trips, all of which I would recommend. On this trip, the co-leader was John O'Donnell who has led a number of trips for the Sierra Club.

This page is devoted to photos from the Nome area June 2 through 5, 2002.

Nome - scenery and non-avian wildlife

[Safety Sound] [Gold mining] [Gold mining]

Safety Sound June 3 and abandoned gold mining operation June 4, 2002.

[Grizzley Bear] [Grizzley Bear] [Grizzley Bear]

Two sets of Grizzley bears, each a mother and three yearlings, June 3 (left and center) and June 4 (right), 2002.

[Musk Ox] [Musk Ox]

Musk Ox, 2 separate sightings June 5, 2002.

[Caribou] [Caribou] [Caribou]

Caribou, June 5, 2002.

[Reindeer] [Reindeer]

Reindeer June 5, 2002.

Nome: birds

[Pacific Loon] [Pacific Loon]

Pacific Loon, June 4, 2002.

[Long-tailed Duck - female] [Long-tailed Duck - male]

Long tailed Duck, female June 2 (left) and male June 5 (right), 2002.

[Common Eider] [Common Eider] [Tundra Swan]

Common Eider, June 2 and 5 and Tundra Swan (right), June 4, 2002.

[Arctic Tern] [Arctic Tern] [Arctic Tern]

Arctic Tern, June 2 and 4 (right), 2002.

[Aleutian Tern] [Aleutian Tern] [Aleutian Tern]

Aleutian Tern, June 4, 2002.

[Ivory Gull] [Ivory Gull] [Ivory Gull] [Ivory Gull] [Ivory Gull]

Ivory and Glaucous Gulls, June 4, 2002.

[Sabine's Gull] [Sabine's Gull] [Sabine's Gull]

Sabine's Gull, June 2, 2002.

[Parasitic Jaeger] [Parasitic Jaeger]

Parasitic Jaeger, June 2, 2002.

[Red Phalarope] [Red Phalarope] [Red Phalarope] [Red Phalarope] [Red Phalarope - male] [Red Phalarope]

Red Phalarope, June 2 and June 4 (group), 2002.

[Sanderling] [Dunlin]

Sanderling (left) and Dunlin (right), June 3, 2002.

[Pacific Golden Plover] [Pacific Golden Plover] [American Golden Plover] [American Golden Plover] [American Golden Plover]

Pacific Golden Plover (left two) June 2 and American Golden Plover (right three) June 4, 2002.

[Willow Ptarmigan] [Willow Ptarmigan] [Willow Ptarmigan] [Willow Ptarmigan]

Willow Ptarmigan, June 2 and 4 (right), 2002.

[Rock Ptarmigan] [Rock Ptarmigan] [Rock Ptarmigan]

Rock Ptarmigan, June 3 and 4 (right), 2002.

[Wilson's Snipe] [Fox Sparrow] [Northern Waterthrush]

Wilson's Snipe (left) June 3, Fox Sparrow (center) June 2, and Northern Waterthrush (right) June 3, 2002.

[Lapland Longspur] [Lapland Longspur] [Lapland Longspur]

Lapland Longspur male, June 2, 2002.

[Common Redpoll] [Common Redpoll] [Common Redpoll]

Common Redpoll, June 2 and 3 (right), 2002.

[Hoary Redpoll] [Hoary Redpoll]

Hoary Redpoll, June 3, 2002.

Eric W. Greisen