Alaska: Pre-trip

Click on the small picture to see a larger, more detailed version. I toured Alaska, visiting Anchorage, St. Lawrence Island (Gambell), Seward, St. Paul Island, Nome, and the Denali area. The pre-trip portion was led by John O'Donnell. It devoted the first day to the Anchorage area and May 19-24, 2002 to Gambell on St. Lawrence Island.

Anchorage area

[Red-throated Loon] [Red-throated Loon] [Red-throated Loon]

Red-throated Loon, Spennard Lake (behind the hotel), May 18, 2002.

[Three-toed Woodpecker] [Male Goldeneyes]

Three-toed Woodpecker (female), Hillside Park, May 18, 2002; Barrow's (left) and Common Goldeneye, Spennard Lake, May 25, 2002.

[Red-necked Grebe] [Red-necked Grebe]

Red-necked Grebe, Sullivan Park, May 18, 2002.

Gambell: St Lawrence Island - scenery, whales

[Gambell:] [Gambell:]

Gambell: Post Office and homes, cliff to North-east May 20, 2002; our group dressed for the ocasion, May 21, 2002.

[Gambell:] [Gambell:] [Gambell:] [Gambell:]

Gambell, drying polar bear skins with modern life, old whale bones, traditional whale boats, May 20 and 23, 2002.

[Gambell:] [Gambell:]

Gambell, pack ice breaking up, May 20, 2002.

[Gambell:] [Gambell:] [Gambell:]

Gambell expedition at dawn, May 24, 2002.

[Gray Whale] [Gray Whale] [Gray Whale] [Gray Whale] [Gray Whale] [Gray Whale]

Gray Whales, Berring Sea off Gambell, May 21 and 23, 2002.

[Russia and pack ice] [Russia and pack ice]

Pack ice moving out with Russia beyond, May 21, 2002.

Gambell: St Lawrence Island - some of the birds

[Common Eider, Russia, pack ice]

Common Eider (male) flies by, with pack ice and Russia beyond, May 21, 2002.

[Black-legged Kittiwake] [Glaucous Gull] [Glaucous Gull]

Black-legged Kittiwake, May 20, 2002; Glaucous Gulls (adult) May 21 and 23, 2002 at Gambell Point.

[Black Guillemot] [Stellar's Eider] [Stellar's Eider]

Black Guillemot May 21, 2002 and Stellar's Eider (male) May 19, 2002, Gambell waterfront.

[Lapland Longspur] [Least Auklet]

Lapland Longspur (female) May 23, 2002 among the houses; Least Auklet May 24, 2002 on the rocks at the cliff.

[Rock Sandpiper] [Rock Sandpiper] [Rock Sandpiper]

Rock Sandpiper, May 21, 2002 Old Boneyards and May 23, 2002 marsh.

[Least Sandpiper] [Western Sandpiper] [Dunlin]

Least and Western Sandpipers, May 22, 2002; Dunlin, May 23, 2002, marsh.

[Red-necked Phalarope] [Red-necked Phalarope] [Red-necked Phalarope] [Red-necked Phalarope]

Red-necked Phalarope, May 21 and 22, 2002, marsh.

[Pacific Golden Plover] [Semipalmated Plover]

Pacific Golden Plover May 22, 2002 and Semipalmated Plover May 23, 2002, marsh.

[Snow Bunting] [Snow Bunting] [Snow Bunting]

Snow Bunting, May 22, 2002 cliffs and May 21, 2002, marsh.

[Sandhill Crane]

Sandhill Crane, May 20, 2002 over the marsh.

[Emperor Goose] [Emperor Goose] [Tundra Swan]

Emperor Geese and Tundra Swan, May 22, 2002, marsh.

Eric W. Greisen