AIPS for the Ages

last edited 29 January 2000

31DEC99 is a new form of AIPS release. It will not be frozen on some date and then shipped to any site desiring it. Instead it will remain under regular development by what remains of the Classic AIPS Group and will be available via the WWW to anyone who wants it at any time. Most sites will probably fetch and install it much like previous releases, but then they will run what is called the "midnight job" on some time scale to apply the incremental changes that have been made to the Charlottesville copy of 31DEC99.


  1. IMAGR
  2. SCIMG - a new task which is a multi-field version of SCMAP to do iterative self-cal and imaging.
  3. MAPPR is a new procedure which simplifies the inputs to IMAGR for imaging a single field without calibration, wide-field options, multiple resolutions, and the SDI method.

    Visibility data:

  5. SPFLG has a changed and more general meaning to the SWITCH ALL-BL FLAG control.
  6. UVCOP did not do the proper time correction when copying a single subarray from a multi-array data set. It subtracted 5 days too many.
  7. CALIB, FRING, KRING had problems re-referencing the phases when delays and rates are present.
  8. SPLAT was changed to make a single-source output file properly when only one source is selected.
  9. CONFI has new options to control/limit the configurations being optimized.
  10. FRING and KRING now allow the data modeling routines to use gridded model division under user direction (CMETHOD).


  11. Tick marks are now plotted enough so that some measure of the scale is always visible.
  12. VPLOT can now plot various types of data while time averaging.
  13. FGPLT is a new task to display what baselines are flagged as a function of time. Try it.


  14. New adverbs BPRINT, EPRINT, NPRINT, NPLOTS replaced over-used adverbs BCOUNT, ECOUNT, NCOUNT et al. in a number of tasks.
  15. TBIN had problems with flagged table rows corrected.
  16. Single dish tasks: BSTST has an added Clean option, BSCLN is a new beam-switched deconvolution task, BSMOD no longer requires input BS data. OTFBS now writes a TY table.
  17. All CookBook chapters are being updated. Appendix Z and the Table of Contents and Index are not yet done.The latest version of each chapter can be accessed through an html version of the Table of Contents which also contains information about the revision history of each chapter.