Eric W. Greisen

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I am a Scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. I have been stationed at NRAO's headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia since 1972. The job has now transferred me to Socorro NM on a permanent basis. Recently, I was suprised to be told that I had won the Van Biesbroeck Prize of the American Astronomical Society; see the press release describing the award.

For this occasion some digital photos were taken of me which aren't too embarassing. They are

[Eric W. Greisen] [Eric W. Greisen] [Eric W. Greisen] [Eric W. Greisen]

Eric W. Greisen in his office, Socorro, NM, January 24-25, 2005.
Click on the small picture to see a larger, uncropped version. CREDIT: NRAO/AUI/NSF

[Eric W. Greisen]

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Eric W. Greisen