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WRAP24 is a switch to aid VLBA operations in dynamic scheduling of 24 hour projects. For such projects, it is useful to be able to start at a time of day different from what the user specified. This is facilitated by the parameters WRAP24 and DOSCANS. Specifying WRAP24 with no argument causes SCHED  to duplicate the schedule on a second day to form a 48 hour schedule. Actually it would duplicate any schedule, but it is mainly useful for 24 hour schedules. The full 2 day (or whatever) schedule shows up in the summary .sum file. Then DOSCANS can be used to select the desired 24 hours (or whatever time).

Note that this command has nothing to do with cable wraps. SCHED does not yet have control over cable wraps -- it only tries to predict them.

Craig Walker 2014-06-17