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VLA-Only Project Example

SCHED cannot be used for scheduling the EVLA (yet anyway) and the old VLA system has been turned off. So the following section is not of much use now. Once VLBI at the EVLA has been established, the capabilities to schedule EVLA runs with SCHED will be revisited.

This second VLA example demonstrates the use of SCHED to schedule a pure VLA project. The SCHED input for VLA observations is very much like that for VLBI observations. There are some parameters provided, and listed below, to control some of the input information for which the VLBI defaults may not be appropriate. The example is a modified version of an actual schedule used to make the VLA observations described. The modifications were required by changes in the way in which SCHED handles setup files and the parameters VLABAND, VLABW, PEAK, VLAMODE (for pointing scans), and VLAPEAK. Some of these parameters are now read from the setup files, not the main schedule input.

! -------------------------------------------------------------------
! EXAMPLE setup file for non-VLBI observations at the VLA at 6cm.
! -------------------------------------------------------------------
!  vla-cc.set                              
!  Non-VLBI observations at the VLA at C band
format=none  station=VLA  vlaband=CC  vlabw='0000' /
! -------------------------------------------------------------------

Craig Walker 2014-06-17