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GEOSRCS is used to list the sources to consider for automatically inserted geodetic segments. It is array of source names, where the sources need to be in the SCHED source catalogs. Since the geodetic segments are best done with strong, compact calibrators with well known positions, all sources of interest are likely to be in the standard SCHED catalog $SCHED/catalogs/sources.vlba. For more information about automatic insertion of geodetic segments, see the section on insertion of geodetic segments and the description of the parameter GEOSEG.

The list in the sample below is the standard set used by Mark Reid to generate the segments he provides, but with the names changed to match the names in sources.vlba. This would be a good list to use.

Sample input to SCHED:

! ==========================================================
! =============  Sources for geodetic segments  ============
! ==========================================================
geosrcs = J0017+81, J0019+73, J0050-09, J0102+58, J0121+11,
          J0121+04, J0136+47, J0203+11, J0204+15, J0217+73,
          J0231+13, J0238+16, J0303+47, J0339-01, J0501-01,
          J0530+13, J0555+39, J0646+44, J0700+17, J0726+79,
          J0730-11, J0753+53, J0808+49, J0808+40, J0818+42,
          J0824+55, J0825+03, J0854+20, J0927+39, J0956+25,
          J0958+47, J0958+65, J1048+71, J1058+81, J1104+38,
          J1127-18, J1130+38, J1146+39, J1153+80, J1159+29,
          J1222+04, J1302+57, J1310+32, J1354-02, J1357+76,
          J1419+54, J1550+05, J1557-00, J1608+10, J1638+57,
          J1640+39, J1727+45, J1740+52, J1743-03, J1746+62,
          J1751+09, J1800+78, J2148+06, J2225-04, J2236+28

Craig Walker 2014-06-17