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CORPOL can be either ``on'' or ``off''. If it is ``on'', all polarizations (RR, LL, RL, and LR) will be done. If ``off'', only the parallel hand polarizations (RR and LL) will be correlated. Requesting full polarization (``on'') reduces the maximum number of spectral channels per baseband channel available and increases the output data rate. However for continuum projects with modest average times and 16 or 32 channels, neither of these is of much concern and there is little harm in asking for full polarization processing. Perhaps the data will even be useful eventually.

Note the correlation parameters CORAVG, CORCHAN, CORPOL, CORTAPE, and CORSHIPn must be specified when the project will be correlated in Socorro and data are being recorded.

Craig Walker 2014-06-17